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Not fun boys. GREASY ones!

Mwuahaha more fan accounts~

Dedicated to @randomosibly :9

Greasy Jiminnie

• I want Jimin to remember my name, too ;^; • ...and call me "darling" ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・

Just as Greasy Jungkook

*shaking our hearts*

Greasy Jin

• from princess to princess? lol • must find more greasy Jin!!

Greasy Namjoon

• ... 'cause he might burn down the kitchen xD • OMGGG JOONIE >.<

Greasy Suga

Suga sugar ♡(。-ω-)

J-hope being greasy (*_ _)人

and some V!! although I couldn't find much :(

Ahhh, so cheesy~~ (*≧ω≦*)

More to come, dear ARMYs! ♡


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I want them to call me noona~ 😭 But they're older than me fml
My heart omg
man I just love these
@CallMeMsDragon really thick
Lol I was reading and listening to Pandora and I need u came on