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It's been a few days since I've last seen or spoken to Hongbin. After finding out that Hongbin is a vampire I haven't been myself lately. Ken has been trying to contact me and speak to me when we are in class together but I have been ignoring him. Ken doesn't deserve this kind of treatment but I don't feel like explaining myself to anybody, at least not just yet. Today is Saturdayand luckily I don't work today but I still need to stop by the studio to get my paycheck. I arrive at the photo studio and Amber waves at me. "Hey girl. How you doing?" Amber asks. "I'm good. Where's Jack?" I say. "He's in the employee room in a meeting right now." Amber says. "Ok. Thank you." I say. I knock the employee room door. "Come in." I hear Jack say. I open the room door to see Jack and... Hongbin? What is he doing here? Hongbin looks at me and smiles. I feel my tears building up. "Chichi you're check is right here." Jack says holding the check out to me. I take the check and leave the room as fast and as calm as I can before my tears start to fall. As soon as I step outside the cool spring breeze helps my tears fall from my eyes. I wipe them away as fast as I can and walk to Central park. I need to clear my mind a bit before I go home. I sit on a swing and just let the cool breeze blow through my hair and I close my eyes and breath deeply to clear my mind. "This feels good." I say to myself. "Yes it does." I hear a male voice say. I open my eyes to see Hongbin sitting on the swing beside me smiling. "You think this is funny?" I ask angrily. Hongbin doesn't say anything and I feel my tears threatening to fall again. "Do you think this is funny? I was suffering here without you guys. I even went through depression and you're just smiling like nothing happened. You didn't even contact me once the whole time you were over there." I say, my tears now falling down my cheeks. "You don't understand." Hongbin says softly. I get up from my swing and stand in front of Hongbin. "Then help me understand, Hongbin." I scream. Hongbin stands and looks at me with angry eyes. "Why didn't you just forget when I compelled you to." Hongbin whispers to me in an angry voice. "That's how you get rid of all of your problems. Right? By compelling them to forget you so you won't have to deal with them anymore." I say. "Chichi you are not a problem. Well you weren't a problem but you need to understand why you and I can't be friends anymore." Hongbin says. He then pauses before speaking again but this time he whispers the rest to me. "I'm a monster. I feed on humans like you. I'll drink your blood until you are a lying corpse. The thing is that I can't control myself at times. Right now I'm fighting the urge to sink my teeth into your neck." "You left once. Why don't you just leave again?" I say softly. "You don't know how many times I tried to leave but I just keep on coming right back. And it's all because of you. I can't stay away from you no matter how hard I try." Hongbin says stepping closer to me. He gently grabs my face and I don't even flinch at the coldness of his hands anymore. "There is one thing that keeps me from draining you from your blood and that is your touch. When I feel your warmth the urge of biting you goes away and that doesn't happen with anyone but you. You make me feel human again." "So let me stay by your side." I say while placing my hands on top of his. "That doesn't change the fact of what I really am and the possibility that I might just kill you one day." Hongbin removes his hands from my face. "You told me you loved me and guess what, I love you too. And I'm willing of taking that risk of dying just to be by your side at all times." I say. Hongbin pulls me close and kisses me. "Chichi?" I hear a familiar voice say. I look back to see Ken's angry face walking towards us. Ken moves me out of the way and punches Hongbin on the face. Hongbin falls to the ground and Ken gets on top of him and starts punching him non stop. "Ken stop! Please stop!" I yell as I try to pull Ken off of Hongbin. Ken stops and gets up breathing loudly. I stand in front of Ken trying to prevent him from hitting Hongbin again. Hongbin gets up from the ground wiping the blood from his lip and then he gives Ken a big smile. "You're girlfriend is quite the kisser. Tell me has she ever kissed YOU like that?" Hongbin says arrogantly. Ken tries to take a step forward but I stop him. I face him and grab his face to make him look at me. "Ken babe. Please stop." I say and Ken forcefully removes my hands from his face. "So this is why you've been so distant lately. Because you been cheating on me with some....some nobody who thinks he's a model." Ken yells. "It's not like that." I say. "So what is Chichi? Tell me." Ken says and I stay quiet. "Exactly.....You're not worth it, we're through." "Ken please. Wait." I start to follow after Ken but then a hand grabs my wrist. "Just let him go. It's for the best." Hongbin says. I forcefully remove my wrist from Hongbin's grasp. "You kissed me on purpose. You knew he was there." I say angrily. Hongbin gives me a smirk. "Was everything you just said a lie? Did you just say those things because you knew he was there? You didn't even mean one single word you said. Right? You just couldn't stand the fact that someone made me happy." I yell. "If you didn't notice Chichi, you weren't really happy with him. I've seen the way you look at him and that wasn't love or happiness." Hongbin grabs me by my waist and pulls me close. "Now the way you look at me, now that's love and happiness." "So far you have made my life a living hell since you came back into my life. That is not happiness." I say removing myself from Hongbin. I leave the park and go home. As soon as I step into apartment I try to contact Ken but he doesn't pick up none of my calls. I get an incoming call from a blocked number. "Hello." I say. "Did you know it's rude to walk away from someone like that." The voice on the other end of the line says. "Hongbin?" I say surprised. "How did you get my number?" "Don't try to change the subject.....Ok. I'm sorry, I'm being insensitive. Do you want me to speak to Ken and convince him to get back with you." Hongbin says. "By convince you mean compel him to get back with me." I say annoyed. "What's the difference." Hongbin says. "Compelling someone to love you is not real feelings. Something you don't understand since everything you said was a lie." I say. "You think everything I said was a lie? I meant every single word I said. That...that bastard got there right before I kissed you. Even though that kiss was also meant for him it was mostly meant for you." Hongbin says angrily. "Were you always like this and I just didn't notice it?" I ask. "Like what?" Hongbin asks back. "Selfish. All you do is think about yourself and do things that are better for you and not the other person. Maybe the reason you don't know where Dasom is is because she probably didn't want to be by your side anymore." I say. "Don't bring my sister into this. This is only between you and me." Hongbin says. "I could see her now. Somewhere nice living a great life without you." I say. "Chichi stop." Hongbin says in a threatening tone. "Or what? you're going to kill me? Do me the favor and put me out of my misery." I say. I hear Hongbin sigh. "I have to go." I say. I hang up the phone and throw myself on my bed. I scream into my pillow. "What am I going to do now?" I ask myself. The kiss Hongbin and I shared earlier replays in my head and I smile unintentionally. I shake my head to forget the memory but it keeps playing. "I broke Ken's heart and all I could think about is Hongbin. I bet if Hongbin was here he would've been giving me his devious smile." I say to myself. Without noticing I fall asleep. I suddenly feel cold. I open my my eyes to see my room window open. I walk to my window and when I'm about to close it I hear a voice coming from outside. It's Hongbin. "Come downstairs." Hongbin says. "Can't you just leave me alone?" I ask. "We already established that that is not going to happen." Hongbin replies. "Get lost Hongbin." I close the window. I walk back to my bed and I feel a cold wind again. I look back to see my window open again. What the... I run to my window. "Can you stop doing that. What if someone sees you?" I say. "I'm  vampire that could kill you in seconds but you're more concerned of someone seeing me opening your window." Hongbin laughs. "Well if you don't come down I'm going to have to kill one of your neighbors." "Would you please shut up.......Ugh! Fine I'm coming down." I say in defeat. "Oh and bring a toothbrush and extra clothes cause you're sleeping over." Hongbin says. "Ok. Now you're going over board. I am not sleeping over." I say. Hongbin walks up to a girl and compels her to do what he says. "Oh look what do we have here. An innocent by passer just walking by. Mmm she smells really good. I wonder what her blood taste like." Hongbin says giving me a devious smile. "Are you serious. Hongbin let her go." I say. "Not until you are down here with your stuff in hand. Oh and word of advice I recommend you decide quickly because I'm really hungry." Hongbin says while putting his mouth close to her neck. "Fine! I'll go but please just let her go." I say. "I don't know if I can trust your words Chichi." Hongbin says. "I promise I'll go with you. Just let her go." I say. "If you don't keep your word Chichi, I will go on a rampage and I promise you that." Hongbin threatens. I close my window fill my duffle bag with extra clothes and other necessities and go downstairs as fast I can. I see Hongbin leaning on his dark gray Ferrari. It's beautiful. "Of course you would have a car like this. It's just like your personality over the top." I say. I'm about to open the door to the passenger seat but Hongbin gets in front of me. "I don't get a hello kiss?" Hongbin says holding me close by my waist. "No." I say moving him out of the way and get in the car. Hongbin smiles and gets in the car. We arrive to Hongbin's house. As we step inside the house I examine everything since last time I was here I really didn't pay attention as to how the whole house looked. The whole house is dim and when I look to my left there's a grand piano and when I look to my front there is an extra long black leather sofa right in front of a brick fireplace with a flat screen tv on top of the fire place. The whole house has wooden floors. I look to my right to see stairs leading to the second floor. Hongbin leads me up the stairs. "This way." Hongbin says and I follow him. The stairs leading to the second floor don't have railings on the sides. The second floor looks just like the first except for the fireplace, long couch, and grand piano. There are about five rooms in this whole house without counting the bathrooms in each room. Hongbin opens the door to one of the rooms. "This is your room." He says. This room is different from everywhere else in the house. The colors of the furniture and bed covers are white. The only things that are not white in this room are the wooden floors and the beige walls. Hongbin stares at me while I stare at the room. "If you don't like it you could always sleep with me in my room." Hongbin smiles. "No. No I like it. It's fine." I say. I walk towards the bed and lightly pass my fingers on top of  the covers while I pass by it and walk towards the bedroom dresser. There are two white candles on top of a golden tray in the middle of the dresser and a vintage framed mirror up on the wall. To the left of the dresser near the window there's a full length mirror with a white suede accent chair in front of it. I stand in front of the full length mirror and see a bouquet of red roses on the nightstand beside my bed. "The rose...the red rose on the window was you?" I ask looking at Hongbin and Hongbin gives me a shy smile. "If you want get comfortable and after you're done come downstairs." Hongbin says then leaves. I decide to shower. The bathroom is also all white with a glass door shower. "What's the point of putting in glass doors if you still could see inside?" I ask myself. I step out the shower, dry my hair with a towel and change into a large sweater and pajamas shorts. While I'm walking down the stairs to the first floor I hear the tv. The closer I get to the bottom of the steps Hongbin comes into sight. He's sitting quietly covered in a blanket just watching tv. Hongbin looks at me and pats the sofa signaling me to sit beside him and I do so. Hongbin tries to cover me with the blanket. "I'm fine." I move the blanket away. "Suit yourself. Don't come whining to me when you get a cold." Hongbin says. "Vampires get cold or hot?" I ask. "Yes we do." Hongbin smiles. "Ok what movie do you want to watch? How about safe haven. I hear girls like it a lot." "Sure." I say looking at Hongbin confused. "Hongbin. Why did you buy such a big house for just you?" Hongbin looks down for a second and then looks at me. "Because it was on foreclosure and it was at a really good price. We always talked about getting a place of our own, you, Dasom and I. And I always pictured us living in a huge house away from all of our problems." Hongbin says. "So this is your safe place." I say still looking at Hongbin. "Shh the movie is starting." Hongbin ignores my last statement. I let it go and watch the movie. «Throughout the whole movie Hongbin keeps on looking at Chichi and Chichi doesn't notice because she is too into the movie. Before the movie is over Chichi falls asleep with her head on Hongbin's lap. Hongbin carefully moves Chichi's head from his lap and carries her to her room. He lays her down and puts the covers over her. Hongbin then lays down beside her and gently strokes her hair. Chichi snuggles closer to him and buries her face into his chest. Hongbin's urge to bite her comes into effect and his eyes turn blood red. Hongbin then quickly gets off the bed and in a second he's at the other end of the room. His sudden movement wakes Chichi up frightened.» "What's going on?" I say afraid. I see Hongbin near the bedroom door breathing heavily and squeezing his eyes shut. "It's nothing just go to bed." Hongbin says out of breath and leaves the room. That was weird. 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Loving all the updates!😊 Let's see if Hongbin can control his blood thirst...will his love over ride his need to feed?!