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I wake up to Hongbin speaking on the phone. I guess last night wasn't a dream. I did sleepover Hongbin's house. I get up from my bed and walk towards my bedroom door. I press my ear against it but I still can't hear Hongbin's voice clearly. I open the bedroom door and stuck out my head. Hongbin is in the first floor. "What do you mean you haven't found her!?" Hongbin angrily yells into the phones. Her? "Well try harder! I will haunt you down if anything happens to her!" Hongbin says right before he hangs up the phone. Hongbin stands in front of the fireplace and just stares at the fire for a while. "Hurry up and get ready. We're going out for breakfast." Hongbin says and I jump. I close the bedroom door. I hate that he could hear everything. I shower and then change into a black pair of jeans, a turquoise loose fit tank top, black and white all stars high top and a leather jacket. I grab my shoulder bag and my phone and head downstairs. Hongbin is waiting for me in front of the front door. "Can you take any longer." Hongbin says. "Someone's in a bad mood." I say and walk right past him through the front door and get in his car. Hongbin and I drive to a diner in the city. We sit on one of the tables that are outside. Hongbin orders pancakes, eggs and bacon for himself and French toast with eggs and bacon for me. "You still remember what I used to order." I say. "Well yea. How can I forget when you and Dasom always ordered the same thing." Hongbin says in a dull tone. "Why won't you tell me where Dasom is? Is she just like you?....you know." I ask Hongbin. "I don't know." Hongbin says eating his breakfast. "You don't know or you don't want to tell me?" I say. "Just eat your French toast." Hongbin says pointing at my plate and I do as he says. I look up from my plate and see Ken in front of a yogurt shop talking on his phone. Before I get a chance to call out to him a girl runs up to him and hugs him from the back. Ken turns around to face the girl. The girl is....Amber? "Amber? That little...." I say as I get up from my seat and walk to Ken and Amber. «Hongbin smirks and keeps on eating his breakfast.» "Ken?...Amber?...."I say with tears threatening to fall from my eyes. "How could you?" "Chichi...Chichi it's not what you think." Amber panics. Ken smiles and puts his arm around Amber's shoulder and pulls her close to him. My tears fall from my eyes and I suddenly feel someone kiss me. When he pulls away I see Hongbin holding my face in hands. "Don't let them see you cry. Don't let him win." Hongbin whispers and wipes the tears from my eyes. Hongbin stands beside me and grabs me by the waist. "It's nice to see you again Ken....Amber." Hongbin says with a big mocking smile. I could see the anger and jealousy on Ken's face. "Hongbin?" Amber says. "Aw. It's like a love story. Falling in love with your childhood friend." Ken rolls his eyes and Hongbin tightens his grip on my waist. "Babe we need to go. We've waisted enough time here." Hongbin says. Hongbin grabs my hand and pulls me to walk the opposite way from where Ken and Amber were standing. We turned the corner and I forcefully let go of Hongbin's hand and I stop walking and he keeps on. "You knew didn't you." I say softly tears falling down my cheeks. "So what?" Hongbin replies. "So what? You should've told me." I say. "I did tell you. I told you he wasn't worth it. You just didn't listen." Hongbin walks up to me. "And do me a favor and stop crying it's getting really annoying." Hongbin walks to car and opens the passenger seat door for me. "Fine." I say as I walk past him and keep on walking straight. Hongbin rolls his eyes and goes after me. He grabs my wrist and forces me into the car. "For someone who compelled me to forget everything you really go out of your way to keep me by your side." I say. "Why can't you compel me to forget you and everything else again." "I tried once before and it failed. I guess your one of the few that are immune to it." Hongbin says. I sigh. "When we left to California everything was fine but then one night when my parents, Dasom and I were driving back home my dad suddenly hits something with his car." Hongbin says. FLASHBACK "What was that?" Hongbin asks. "I don't know. Stay in the car." Hongbin's dad says and gets out of the car. Hongbin's dad doesn't see anything on the ground. "I swear I hit something." He says to himself. He then looks at his wife and shrugs his shoulder. Hongbin's mother steps out of the car. "Mom stay inside." Hongbin says but she ignores him. Something attacks Hongbin's mom and dad. Then it looks inside the car and flashes his fangs to Hongbin and Dasom and they scream. The vampire walks to the side of the car. "Unbuckle your seatbelt." Hongbin tells Dasom. "And run as far as you can ok?" Dasom nods her head while trying to stop crying. The vampire opens Hongbin's door and takes him out of the car and slams him on the floor and bites his neck. Dasom stays frozen in the car looking at Hongbin getting attacked. "Dasom run!" Hongbin screams and Dasom does as she is told. The vampire looks up to Dasom running and runs after her. «Hongbin is losing a lot of blood by the minute and then he goes unconscious»  END OF FLASHBACK "Next thing I know I wake up a vampire in a strange house." Hongbin says as he pulls up to the front of his house. "The person that helped me was a girl that was half vampire half witch. She also gave me this daylight ring." He points to the silver ring on his hand. "You just need to be bitten to become a vampire?" I ask. "No. You need to die with vampire blood in your system." Hongbin says. "So you don't know if Dasom is a vampire or even alive?" I ask. Hongbin grunts and slams his hands on the car's steering wheel and gets out the car. I follow Hongbin into the house. He locks himself in his room. I hesitate to knock on his door but I do so. "Hongbin? Are you ok?" I ask. Hongbin doesn't reply. "Hong..." I say and Hongbin aggressively open the door. "I suggest you give me some space before I do something that I'll regret." Hongbin says and his eyes turn a blood red. "You won't hurt me." I step closer to him. "You're stepping on thin ice right now Chichi." Hongbin says fighting the urge to sink his teeth on my neck. "You won't hurt me." I repeat. "How are you so sure?" Hongbin says still fighting his vampire urges. "Because you need me for something. What would be the other reason for you to bring a human to your house and not kill her on the first night when you had the chance." I say. Hongbin red eyes disappear and he looks at me confused. "How do you know about that? You were sleeping." Hongbin asks. "I don't know. It's like I felt it when you looked at me just now." I say confused. "I don't know what I'm saying. I think I'm going crazy here." "Chichi... I think... you might be a witch." Hongbin says. "What? Me? How?" I ask. "I don't know maybe one of your parents or grandparents were one." Hongbin says. "I guess that's why I could control my urges around you more than other humans, because technically you're not human." "What?" I say still confused. "Chichi you could use your powers to help me find Dasom." Hongbin says excitedly. "How? I just found out that I might me a witch. I don't know any spells. Why don't you ask the witch that saved you?" I ask. Hongbin looks down, sighs and then looks at me. "She died trying to protect me." Hongbin says and sits down on his bed. "I'm sorry." I sit next to Hongbin and hold his hand. "I'll try my best to help you find Dasom." Hongbin looks at me and smiles. I go to my room and lay on my bed. How am I going to do this? I don't know one thing about being a witch and spells. I hope Dasom is alive. I shower and change into my large sweater and pajama shorts. I take my cellphone and search for tracking spells. "It says I need to light some candles and I need something that belongs to her to hold in my hand and say the spell." I say to myself. I write down the spell and head to Hongbin's room. Hongbin's bedroom door is slightly open. I enter and hear the water running in the bathroom and I get closer. I see the water falling on Hongbin's naked back, he then suddenly turns around and smiles at me. I quickly cover my eyes with the hand that is not holding the notepad and give my back to Hongbin. "Why'd you turn around? Isn't this what you wanted to see?" Hongbin smiles mischievously. I keep forgetting that he could hear me coming from a mile away. "No. I just wanted to tell you that I think I might of found the way to track Dasom." I say walking away from the bathroom door and sitting on Hongbin's bed. Hongbin steps out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and a small towel around his neck. His hair is dripping wet. The water that falls from his hair lands on his chest and rolls down his perfectly well toned abs. Hongbin takes the small towel off his neck and dries his hair before sitting next me. I feel my heart beat picking up. "Can you please put some clothes on." I say looking the opposite side from where Hongbin is sitting. "Why? Am I making you nervous?" Hongbin whispers in my ear. I slightly move away from Hongbin. Hongbin smiles and moves closer to me. He grabs my chin and makes me look at him. His face is now inches from mine. "Look at me." Hongbin says gently. Hongbin leans in for a kiss but before our lips touch I stand up. "You must be tired. We'll pick this up tomorrow." I say nervously and quickly leave the room. I enter my room and try to calm down. Get a grip Chichi he's a vampire he will eat you alive. I shake my head to get the image of his naked body out of my mind. 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Ooooo....a wet and dripping Hongbin clad in only a towel! Good grief it's getting hot!*fans self* I think my brain stopped working after I got a mental image!!