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Sunwoo main info: Name: Choi Sunwoo / 최선우 Stage name: Sunwoo / 선우 Formerly*: Choi Dabin / 최다빈 Nicknames: Gentle Giant, Milky Prince Position: Lead vocals and visual Birthday: March 12, 1992 Height: 183cm (6'0) Weight: 65kg (143lbs) Nationality: Korean Hobbies: Swimming Formerly of*: TOUCH Twitter: @BoysRepublic_DB Fun Facts: •He was trained in Cube entertainment before transferring to a UMK. •He was a former member of TOUCH managed by YYJ Entertainment. •He told his reason for changing his name in the group’s interview with Star News saying “I changed my name about a month ago… My parents are the type to frequently go get their fortune told, and they suggested that I change my name.” •In weekly idol, Sunwoo revealed that he can shove his tongue all the way in his throat. •He idolizes the actor Lee Seung Gi and considers him as his role model in acting. •Among all the members, Sunwoo is the one who nags the most, especially to Suwoong. •The members ranked Sunwoo 2nd place in terms of Visual. •Sunwoo is closest to Suwoong among all the members and bickers A LOT. •He doesn’t like other people touching his things. •The tallest member of the group •He met Zed once and is a big fan of him. •It was said in his member profile picture that he has six pack abs. (Fans are still waiting to see it). •Fans pair Sunwoo and Suwoong. Often called “WoongBin”, “DaWoong”, “SunWoong”, “WoongSun”, “Mama and Baby”, and as well “Loser Team” (as called by the K-RF). •He’s a caffeine addict. •Sunwoo believes in endeavor, his motto is “I will never think of betraying the law.” •Sunwoo’s ideal type: Who does well in her work, supports and only loves Dabin(former name).