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Sungjun main info: Name: Park Sungjun / 박성준 Stage name: Sungjun / 성준 Nicknames: N/A Position: Dancer and vocals Birthday: December 17, 1992 Height: 172cm (5'7) Weight: 55kg (121lbs) Nationality: Korean Hobbies: Street dancing and composing raps Instagram: @sungjun1217 Fun Facts: •Sungjun was trained in JYP entertainment before he transferred to UMK. •He’s in charge of the humor and pranks in the group. He teases the members the most. •He’s the most stylish in the group. He likes to accessorize. •Sungjun hates Reptiles. •His role model is Jay Park and his music inspiration comes from the singer-songwriter, Musiq Soulchild. •He dreams to be a famous dancer. •In weekly idol, Sungjun revealed that he could bend his finger all the way back of his hand. •Sungjun is the strongest member in the group. He managed to carry Defconn and do about 5 squats in 4 tries. •Fans pair Sungjun with Minsu, most probably because they both dance together a lot. Often called “MinJun”, “SungMin”, “Rap Line”, and “OppaDeuls” (as called by the K-RF). •He participated in the Idol Dance Battle: D-style and was also paired up with WA$$UP Nari in the competition. •He stated that he works out a lot that’s why he has good biceps and he has abs. •He likes touching the other members man boobs. (lol) •Sungjun believes in courage, he thinks peope are unsuccessful because they lack courage. •There was a time where the boys were playing with a lie detector toy (it shocks you if you lie), then sungjun was asked if he ever dated or kissed a girl. He said “no”, but he was still shocked by the lie detector. •Sungjun’s ideal type: Tall, has straight and long hair, pretty nails, and nice fragrance.
@QueenLee Oh! My bad, the fansites i checked had them switched! Let me fix that
Oh I see. You switched Minsu & Sungjun's bday. (me & Sungjun have the same b-day 😄)