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Suwoong main info: Name: Lee Suwoong / 이수웅 Stage name: Suwoong / 수웅 Nicknames: Syung Position: Vocals, dancer, and maknae Birthday: January 20, 1995 Height: 174cm (5'8) Weight: 56kg (123lbs) Nationality: Korean Hobbies: Soccer Fun Facts: •He was trained in Big Hit Entertainment before transferring to UMK. •He has the most number of fans in the group and ranks #1 in visuals among the members. •He has the most aegyo in the group along with Sunwoo. The members commented “Suwoong and Dabin (Sunwoo’s former name) are really close to the point that all of Suwoong’s aegyo are transferring to Dabin.” •Although Wonjun is the troublemaker of the group, Suwoong is the one who gives the other members a hard time. •He looks up to Big Bang as his role model.He specially mentioned T.O.P because he commented that TOP can rap, act well, and is good at variety shows. •Fans pair Suwoong with Sunwoo. Often called “WoongBin”, “DaWoong”, “SunWoong”, “WoongSun”, “Mama and Baby”, and as well “Loser Team” (as called by the K-RF). •He can make water droplet sound effects with his mouth. •Suwoong was the only member of the group who participated in the winter Idol Olympics in 2013. •He also participated in the Idol Olympics in 2014. He participated the soccer/futsal competition along with Wonjun. •Suwoong says he looks best after taking a shower. •He was the only member in the group to participate in Hello Dream Team. •He sweats just by thinking of spicy food and sweats the most out of the members. •Suwoong is close with BTS and was trained along with them when he was still in Big Hit Ent. •He drools in his sleep and often sings Party Rock in his sleep too. •One of the members took a picture of Suwoong drooling while sleeping and they plan to upload it if ever Suwoong misbehaves. •His favorite pastime is Soccer. •Suwoong believes never to live in regret, in other words, “YOLO”.