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I wake up to the bright sun shining through the room. I check the time on my phone. Oh carp! I'm late! I rush out of bed, shower and change as fast as I can. I open my bedroom door and Hongbin is standing right in front of me. "Are you that excited to find Dasom?" Hongbin smiles. "No I'm extremely late for work." I panic. "You don't work today." Hongbin says calmly. "Yes I do so can you get out my way." I say. "I took care of that. So you don't have to worry. Now let's get started on the tracking spell." Hongbin grabs me by the hand and takes me downstairs. The whole first floor is covered in white candles. Hongbin brings me to the center of the room. "Sit down." He says. "Um..ok. Do you have something that belongs to her like a bracelet or something?" I ask Hongbin. "Um. Oh I have this necklace that belongs to her." Hongbin says. I hold the necklace in my hand. It's a silver necklace with half a heart that says 'best' on it. I take out my gold necklace that also has a half a heart but says 'friends' on it from inside my shirt and put it next to hers. Both of them together form a full silver and gold heart that says 'best friends'. «Hongbin just stares at Chichi.» "It's the necklace she bought me when we were twelve years old." I say softly. "I know you miss her, I do too. But if we don't hurry up we might never find her." Hongbin puts his hand on my shoulder. "Ok. I'm ready." I say taking a deep breath. I take out my notepad where I wrote the spell and put it next to me. I hold Dasom's necklace tight in my hand and start reciting the spell over and over again. After five minutes I open my eyes. "She's in Brooklyn near Coney island." I say and Hongbin heads for the front door. "Where are you going?" "To get Dasom." Hongbin says. "I'm going with you." I say standing up. "No you're not. You're staying here." Hongbin says. "No I'm not. I'm going." I say. "It's too dangerous. Dasom is probably with vampires. You'll get killed the moment you step a foot in that door." Hongbin warns. "You called me out of work and just expect me to wait here? Alone?" I say. "Chichi I can't lose you too." Hongbin steps in front of me and says softly. "You lost the privilege of making that choice for me a long time ago. I'm going." I say and walk past him to the front door and get in his car. Hongbin sighs but doesn't argue with me anymore. Hongbin and I drive to Coney island. "It's here. Park the car here." I say and Hongbin does as he's told. I quickly get out of the car and start walking to an abandoned building across from the Coney island park. Before I could enter the building someone grabs my hand and pulls me back. "Are you crazy? I just told you you could get killed. Stay behind me." Hongbin says. "Sorry." I say. Hongbin enters the building first and I follow behind him. "I can't hear anything. Are you sure it's here?" Hongbin asks. "Yes I'm sure." I reply. "I think I hear something." Hongbin says. Hongbin opens a door that leads us to the basement of the building. As we get deeper into the basement I hear a girl screaming. "Dasom." I say. "Shh. You have to stay quiet." Hongbin says and I nod my head. I grab Hongbin's shirt from behind to not lose him from my sight since the basement is pretty dark. I see a light from where the screaming is coming from. Hongbin stops and tells me to stay back. I nod. «Hongbin takes a peak to what is happening and he sees Dasom tied up to a chair being tortured with vervain. He also sees bruises over her whole body. Hongbin comes out from the shadows and attacks the guy that's torturing Dasom. Hongbin takes a piece of wood that is on the floor and drives it through the man's heart. Another guy comes out of nowhere and punches Hongbin on the face and he stumbles before getting back his balance. Hongbin takes the piece of wood out of the dead guy's heart and almost shoves it into the other guy's heart but before he gets to do that another guy comes out holding Chichi by her neck with one arm and a gun in the other.» "I wouldn't do that if I was you." The guy holding me says. I see Dasom tied up on the chair all bruised up and I see it in her eyes that she is surprised to see me. "Let her go she has nothing to do with this." Hongbin says. "Well you killed one of my guys so wouldn't it be fair to kill one of yours." The man holding me says and chokes me even harder. I slightly turn red. "I don't even need this gun to kill her because I could tell by her beating heart she's human. She won't be able to out run me and she's not strong enough to kill me." The guy says. "But I can." Hongbin says taking a step towards us. The guy chokes me even harder and I start gulping for air. Hongbin stops. "Take one more step and she's dead." The guy says. "Maybe I should make her into a vampire like I did to your sister." While Hongbin is looking at me one of the other guys stabs his leg with a wooden stick. Hongbin screams in pain and falls to the floor. "Hong..." I try to scream but can't. The guy then pushes the wooden stick deeper into Hongbin's leg and he screams even louder. I'm getting more and more frustrated by the minute because I can't help Hongbin nor Dasom. Suddenly I could breath again. I turn around and see the guy that was holding me on the floor holding his head in pain and so is the other guy that was hurting Hongbin. I run to Hongbin's side. "Are you ok?" I ask. "Yes...but this stupid stick has vervain on it...I can't take it out myself." Hongbin replies in pain. "Hurry pull it out." I hesitate to pull it out at first but then I do it. "Hurry help Dasom and get out of here." Hongbin says grabbing the wooden stick and sticking it into each of the guys heart. I untie Dasom and help her stand up. She's lighter than I thought. I look back and see Hongbin set the bodies on fire. He then runs to me and puts Dasom over his shoulder. "Run." Hongbin says. We get outside and run to the car. Hongbin puts Dasom in the back seat and stops me when I was going to sit with her. "Do you have a death wish?" Hongbin looks at me like if I'm stupid. "What?" I say confused. "Didn't you hear that man. My sister is a vampire and if she hasn't fed then she will feed on you." Hongbin says annoyed. "Get in the driver's seat." "What?" I say shocked. "You need to drive so I could prevent her from feeding off of you just in case she wakes up hungry." Hongbin says. I get in the driver's seat and Hongbin guides me all the way back to his house. I hold the door open to the room that Hongbin told me was supposed to be Dasom's and he lays her down on the bed. I've never seen Hongbin this worried. "Get me water and a cloth." Hongbin says and I'm just frozen in my spot. "Now!" He screams and I flinch and do as he says. When I return with the water and cloth Hongbin snatches it away from me and starts to wipe off all the blood and dirt from Dasom's body. I try to help but he pushes me away. "I'll do it." Hongbin says. "But let me help." I say. "I'll do it." Hongbin drags out every word. "But I could also..." I say. "Just leave!" Hongbin screams and I flinch once again. I feel my heart drop and before my tears fall down my cheeks I leave the room. I go into the room that I've been sleeping in and pack all my stuff. "He wants me to go? So I'll go." I say. "You hear me! I'm leaving! I hope you're life is less troublesome without me here!" I scream. I get in the cab that I called and head home. I step in my apartment and put all of my stuff back in my room and head straight for the shower. I let the hot water run for a while until the bathtub is filled almost to the top. I put a Japanese cherry blossom scented liquid soap in the water to help me relax. Right when I'm about to close my eyes my phone rings. I look at the screen and see the words 'blocked number'. I know that it's Hongbin calling me and I roll my eyes. I put my phone on silent and return to my bubble bath. After the bubble bath I shower from head to toe and change into a large pink sweater and black spandex shorts. I sit on my couch and watch Netflix since I don't have to work nor go to school for the rest of this week thanks to Hongbin. Well at least he's good for something. There's a knock coming from my door. I open the door to see Hongbin. /FADE IN/ (The scene right after Chichi left from Hongbin's house.) Hongbin is cleaning the blood and dirt off from Dasom's body. "Why'd you do that for?" Dasom says weakly. Hongbin doesn't answer and just keeps on cleaning her. "I'm thirsty. Do you have blood?" Dasom asks. Hongbin gets up and walks out of the room. He walks downstairs to the first floor and opens a secret door that is under the steps and it leads to the basement of the house. He opens a big freezer that contains a lot of blood bags and takes two out and takes it to Dasom. Dasom drinks the blood and in a few minutes she is on her feet. "Like I was saying earlier. Why did you do that?" Dasom says angrily. "What?" Hongbin asks. "Don't act stupid now." Dasom says and hits Hongbin upside the head. "Why did you scream at Chichi and told her to leave?" "I don't know. I was just thinking about you and how those guys were abusing you." Hongbin puts his hands in a fist. "Well I'm ok now. And if it wasn't for Chichi we both probably wouldn't have made it out alive and you know that." Dasom says. "Yea I know." Hongbin says in a low voice. "Are you going to tell me where have you been all this time?" "Don't try to change the subject. Call Chichi and apologize." Dasom points at his phone. Hongbin dials Chichi's number but she doesn't pick up. "She's not answering." Hongbin says calmly. "Then go to her and apologize in person." Dasom says. "Are you serious? Can't I just go tomorrow?" Hongbin whines. "She's our best friend and she deserves better than this after all she went through." Dasom says. "What about all that WE went through." Hongbin says. "Doesn't compare to what she went through." Dasom cuts him off. "But.." Hongbin says. "Go!" Dasom yells. Hongbin gets in his car and drives to Chichi's apartment building. /FADE OUT/ (Hongbin is outside of Chichi's apartment.) "Are you going to invite me in?" Hongbin says. "No." I say and slam the door in his face. *knock knock* "I'm not leaving until you let me apologize." Hongbin says. "Then apologize." I say. "I want to apologize to your face not the door." Hongbin sighs. I open the door. "Then say it. My face is waiting." I say. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" Hongbin asks. "Come in." I sigh. "Chichi I'm sorry I didn't mean to scream at you like I did. It's just that a lot was going through my mind and then you kept talking and....I'm Sorry." Hongbin says. "I don't know if I can forgive you." I say. "Why not?" Hongbin looks confused. "Because you have been playing games with me since the beginning and I've been forgiving you ever since but now I'm done. You have Dasom back so you don't need me to keep you company anymore." I say. "I'm sorry for everything that I've done to you. I promise to be more careful next time." Hongbin says. "No. I want the nice and caring Hongbin I used to know." I say. "Well that Hongbin is long gone." Hongbin says softly. "And so are you. Please leave." I say. "Chichi.." Hongbin says. "Leave!" I scream. "Why won't let me make things right again?" Hongbin asks. "You had enough chances to do so and you chose not to." I reply. Hongbin walks up to me and gently holds my face in his hands. "In order for me to keep on living I need you and Dasom in my life." Hongbin says. "You can't have everything." I say. "I want everything and I won't stop till I have it all." Hongbin says and kisses me. I pull away from him. "I just can't....I need some time to think." I say looking down. "Ok." Hongbin says and leaves my apartment. I lay down on my bed staring at the ceiling. The memory of Hongbin kissing me plays back in my mind and I pass my index finger over my lips and smile. Should I forgive him? He has been through a lot trying to find Dasom and I could relate to how he is feeling. But how long is it going to be until he blows up again for no reason. I don't know. *phone vibrates* It's a text. 'Hey Chichi. Let's meet up tomorrow in my brother's house. Can't wait to see you.   -Dasom I guess I'll just have to wait and see how tomorrow goes. 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Binge read this and it was amazing. God Hongbin control your temper bro.
man, Hongbin I don't know whether I should support you or wish for your downfall. Dasom, slap some sense into your brother if only for Chichi's sake
Yay! They found Dasom or should I say, she found Dasom. Hongbin you gotta chill a lil dude...tsk tsk that temper of yours gets you in all sorts of trouble with Chichi! lol