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Making friends was so much easier when we were kids. Now, it's a little hard to make the jump from acquaintance to hangin' out on the regular without a bit more effort - especially if we don't have kids who can introduce us to their friends' parents, etc.

How do you make friends as a 'grown up' (aka in post-college life)? Does anyone have any advice?

i just strike up a conversation when the situation looks right and for me the best thing to do is get the person you want to be friend's with to talk about themselves after that if you have a class with them or something just ask them if they want to buddy up for studying of course its up to you if you wanna make it obvious if you dont want to buddy study then just find something else that seems cool and before you follow my multi step plan brought to you by lord soft bottom listen to what other peeps think they might have a better idea P.s. LORD SOFT BOTTOM OUT
you know, at the risk of bwing considered crazy you have to put yourself out there and MAKE friends. You can't sit and wait for others to come to you to befriend you.
@YumiMiyazaki yaye it is
@arnelli Lol, I like yaye better. It looks British or something.
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