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Rock the World by XIA With summer coming up, this is definitely a theme song giving me We Will Rock You vibes. Scratch that, even better, kpop version. And with the different music elements including electronic, trap, R&B, and hip hop mashed together into a delicious BLT of lyric melodies with a booty shaking earthquake mix, combined with the amazing choreography and imagery, it makes me feel like I've jumped into a new world of Final Fantasy, Hogwarts, and Neverland. And this video will leave you never wanting to leave the magic of flava it offers in a bowl.
I cant be the only one that thinks his suit is made of Froot Loops, right? Cus he needs to hook me up with his fashion designer to get me one. I'd be walking around eating it on the way to school/work/public place or a midnight snack. No milk necessary.
Can imagery get better than this? I can't get over how amazing it looks. It makes me feel like I've snorted the whole candy aisle and getting high off of it in a good way. Took me a while to understand the concept of the video, until a friend pointed out the symbols and thought, wtf didn't even notice that I was too busy creating 9.0 earthquakes with my tribal dancing and tasting the rainbows of the colors in the mv. Cus when it comes to concepts of a song, esp if it involves kpop and symbolization that makes you think, I'm dumb af. And it's like 50 years later while I'm laying in bed watching mvs using my cane as a second hand to tap YouTube's play button ass, I'll probably still be wondering wtf is going on. Hope you enjoy and craving a Froot Loops suit too. XP