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Omg, they made a music video for this!<3 Yay! xD. I love this song; now I'm addicted to it even more(x Ahh JungKook<33 BTS FIGHTING~! ^o^/
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@beeonka do u kno tge name of there ent. company?
@ZitlalitRodrigu Big Hit Entertainment... hav eyou ever heard of it? I havent :O
@beeonka no never heard of it..but I saw some interviews on youtube and it said LOEN like the teentop company ppl...idk and idc they sexy and really good rappers...on a side note am I the only one that thinks V looks like chen and baekhyun (from exo) love child? lol
@ZitlalitRodrigu LOEN has a lot of smaller entertainment companies within it. They are like a big umbrella :3 IDK about that cuz idk which one V is D':
@beeonka oh wow I didn't know that... and v is the blondish hair that does the first chorus part..not the one with the hat that's jimin