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EXO Newest Sign
I was casually strolling on Twitter and came across this:
What do you guys think of EXO newest sign? Do you think it's their new sign? Tagging my Lovely Vingle Buddies: @Lexxcisco @PrincessUnicorn @Izzy987 @Tigerlily84 @KarenGuerra93 @SarahVanDorn
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@LizHolder @PrincessUnicorn @DesireeChucklez So after looking closer at it, I noticed it spells EXACT!!!! Now I'm not ready!!!!
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What does it mean?
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Looks to me like "EXO ACT 3" (but then again could also be 3 ex-taco)
a year ago·Reply
@gigiandviking I like 3 ex-taco better. It sound like something you can buy at a Mexican Resturant XD
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