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ok here is a challenge who was the best father figure to naruto
was it iruka sensi he was there to protect naruto not to mention he was one of the first to respect and care for naruto especially over a nice bowl of ramen was he the best
was it this pure badass kakashi sensi he was there for naruto just by being his sensi and caring for him I mean look at that face.
am I forgetting some one oh yeah introducing the pervy sage
aka jariaya sorry if I miss spelled I mean he died for naruto died people I don't know about u but he is my vote he was there for naruto from the beginning if u don't believe me well RE WATCH NARUTO U BIG GOOF he was and is my overall favorite father figure for naruto but I'm gonna leave it to u comment and leave a like thx
it was ichiraku ramen guy 馃崪
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Jiraiya Iruka Kakashi
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jirayai kakashi iruka
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I gotta go with pervy sage.
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iruka is his big bro, Kakashi the dad (think of it as a mission from minato haha), and jiraiya the grandpa, cuz it's true
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