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GD's lyrics are always straight forward and personal, almost uncomfortably so.

Below I've put a few of his songs into a different order that describes a relationship falling apart.

1. Falling

"Unintentionally, I look the sky like
It looks similar to when you smile"
"Every time I come close to you
Feel like I'm gonna dream every time"

2. Getting the Girl

"I'm tired of imagination, I lost my self restraint"
"I can't breathe I can't breathe
I don't even care for the feeling like I'm being squeezed"

3. Honeymoon Phase

"Where did you come from?
Why did you appear now?
How can you be so perfect?
I’m always in awe when I see you"

4. Rocky Relationship

"I pray for fight, pray for a break-up
I always pray for you to come back to me"
"I want you I need you, I sing but
I don’t know why I feel bad, who you?"

5. The Breakup

"You say you don’t like me, what’s the reason why?
Your annoyed expression
that gives everything away makes me sad
But even if I still like you and asked you for a chance
I don’t like the cold look in your eyes
when you turn away"

6. Being Alone

"Leave me alone
I was alone anyway
I have no one, everything is meaningless
Take away the sugar-coated comfort
Tonight, I’ll be crooked
I scream and get dizzy
I vent out of boredom to other couples
I start fights for no reason like a town gangster
Sometimes, I purposely shake my leg, crookedly
The empty streets are filled with those who are alone
Unlike my heart, the weather is so damn nice"

7. Seeing Her Again

"Walking on the street, I bumped into your man (Yeah I saw him)
I didn’t want to believe it, but my hunch turned out right (I told you)
He’s not wearing that ring you gave him, there’s another girl by his side
But I’ve said enough (I don’t wanna hurt you)"

8. Starting Again

"Love is painful all the love is painful.
Repeating like a fool. That’s what I always do.
But pain is beautiful. It’s same as you."

Which song do you connect with most?

being alone was about himself being an Idol and that feeling of being alone that fans dont see.. Idols live lonely lives...
Probably the alone one since I never had a relationship but all of my friend either were in or still in one
Butterfly and That XX are the two that pretty much define my love life. Longing for someone I can't have and hating watching from afar as they're in a doomed relationship and being powerless to stop it.
Most likely...Crooked....I think.. 😮😮
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