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Summary: I'm young, with a full life ahead of me... And seven famed idols as roommates. And a baby. Welcome to chapter two! I've been on a role all day, haha, so chapter three is coming up right after this one! Genre: Comedy, Friendship Rating: 16+ (some language and adult themes)
~Chapter Two~ My legs carried me to bed, where I tossed and turned for thirty minutes before deciding sleep wasn’t what my body prioritized. Instead, I made my way back out into the living area, where all I was met with was silence. My feet took me to the kitchen, toes quietly padding across the floor until I stopped before the fridge. They had surely all gone to sleep, seeing as it was well past three in the morning and they had only recently come home from tour. I giggled to myself. What an afternoon. FLASHBACK “YOU’RE WHAT?” “Wow, what impeccable unison you guys have even OFF stage!” My fingers were shielding my ears after the outburst. Blimey. It all seemed to fall apart after that; Jin leapt up, mouth agape, Jungkook flailed so dramatically he smacked Tae in the mouth, Hoseok literally fainted after doing Munch’s Scream (as I correctly assumed he would)… Jimin seemed baffled, though disbelieving in it, while Yoongi and Namjoon simply stared wide-eyed. I had to laugh. I couldn’t resist it. After a good minute of them staring at me cackling my lungs out, Taehyung performing emergency chest compressions and declaring the horse dead at the time of 15:46, I wiped away my tears and turned back to them, they who were chuckling as though they’d been victim to a prank. Hobi then sprang back to life, like a hyperactive reincarnated stallion, and leapt to my side. “Hah, good one, Rei. Almost had us there.” He said, clapping my shoulder. I grinned. “Oh, I’m serious.” The room fell silent again, and this time, Hoseok was gone for good, his corpse hitting the ground with a thud as an uproar once again overtook the peace of the living room. After a solid ten minutes, they were quieted down. I explained the situation to them. “I make enough off the comics to be able to have a place of my own. So if you’ll let me stay for the week, that’d be more than enough time for me to be packed and out of here.” My smile was set, and I clasped my hands together, finalizing my speech. Namjoon released a heavy sigh, but a look of confusion then passed over his face. “Wait, enough time to be packed up and out of here? You’re leaving?” The other boys caught on and leaned forward in their spots, concern flitting over their features. I nodded. “You guys wouldn’t want a hormonal baby-bearing girl around here eating all your food.” “You already eat most of our food...” Jin huffed before standing up and approaching me. He had a gentle look in his princess-like eyes, his soft gaze making my smile falter briefly. “We don’t want you to go, Reina.” I frowned at this. Do they really know what they’re getting into? “I have to, or else you will regret me living here further down the line. Think about it! I’ll be a rage-monster, EatJin will become EatRei... I’ll be a mess!” Yoongi stood up, hands finding his pockets. “We can deal with it.” Then, they all pitched in, their honest words of reassurance. I could only sigh. At least I currently have the support of all of them. Can’t say I have the confidence they will feel the same way further down the line. ~~~ I reached for a plate of variously sliced cheeses covered in aluminum foil, then for the cabinet where I kept the club crackers. Oh, don’t worry; it is far too soon for the pregnancy to be affecting my eating habits. This is merely a common occurrence, me eating at ungodly times. The boys always blamed Jin for the food disappearances, in which I’d laugh and blame him as well, until he gradually was led to the possibility he was actually sleep eating. Then I’d pat his back and tell him he’d be cured someday. Pfft. Idiots. Adorable idiots. Cracker box in one hand, cheese plate in the other, I turned and made way for refuge in my room. Suddenly, I heard music coming from the producer’s hall, my bare feet ceasing as I listened in. Damn, Suga. He just got off tour and was back to three AM mixtapes? I changed direction. I knew he wouldn’t hear the knock over his headphones, so I didn’t bother to, opening the door and stepping in. He didn’t see me right away, his eyes scanning the screen that looked far too technical for my eyes to understand. It was a wonder to me how he was capable of listening to music so loudly, that even I could hear the sick beats from down the hall. Someday he’d be found dead, and his brain would be leaking from his ears. Eugh. I knew no matter how I would get his attention, it would startle him. He was always so deep in thought. I opted to flick the light switch once, cutting the lights briefly before flipping them back on. As expected, he’d turned his head sharply, wide-eyed, but visibly relaxed upon seeing me, his volume being turned down. “Hey,” I greeted quietly. He knew why I was there, since it hadn’t been the first time I had to shoo him to sleep. He acknowledged me with a nod before turning back to his screen, pausing his music entirely. “Are you feeling okay?” He asked, eyeing my abdomen suddenly, before his dark eyes met mine once more. Pfft. The pregnancy symptoms were a long ways away. “Well I’m not in labor, if that’s what you’re asking.” He smirked, stifling a chuckle. Yoongi was always cool as hell with me. He’d been the one who first offered I move in with them, the thug who had one of the kindest soft sides I’d ever come to know. Of course, that didn’t stop him from treating me as one of the guys, as I always told them to do. “Good, I would rather you not give birth in my studio.” Then I was the one laughing. I offered him some cheese and crackers, to which he silently collected some of both. After comfortable silence, I piped in. “You know, it really isn’t good for you to come back and go straight to living with only three hours of sleep, right?” He shrugged, biting the corner of a club cracker before kicking his feet up on the computer desk. “I’m used to it,” “Bullshit.” His brow rose with my questionable and firm use of language. I surprised myself even. Maybe my subconscious has been really mad at him all this time for not caring for his health. “I saw footage of you when you were gone. You looked more tired than I’ve ever seen in my two years of living here. Not even just you, though. All of you.” I paused as he glanced my way, cracker part way between his lips. “I was worried.” Christ, if I had a penny for every time I became sentimental with the boys, I would have like… 3 cents. 4 Cents now, then. Not even all of them have seen that side of me, only the select few when they themselves were feeling down...Jin, Jimin... Suga twice now. I am not the type who possesses feelings on a daily basis. But, goodness, my mouth was speaking before my mind could comprehend. “I also saw you when you bowed to your parents.” Yoongi bit sharply on the cracker, half of it nonchalantly falling into his lap as he stilled. He avoided my eyes, looking down, and I couldn’t tell if I had angered or embarrassed him. But I reached forward, and did something I only initiated on few occasions. That’s right. Within seconds, I was hugging the boy, my chin tucked right into the crook of his shoulder and neck until my nose was buried into his beanie. Of course he was surprised. But I heard that little sucker inhale sharply, wrapping his arms around my frame until the position was less awkward for my half-standing body. I felt bad for the little buddy. He’d hidden his tears on camera, and I knew he’d be in dire need of a break upon returning. But coping with it by overworking himself and staying up too late wasn’t the best way to do it. He had reverted back to a normal sitting position, refusing to let me go until he had wiped away the single tear I know rolled down his cheek. I smirked at him when I pulled away, patting his shoulder before stuffing a cracker between his lips. Good kid. He was older, and taller, and thuggier... but I knew he needed that. Maybe he’d finally listen to me. “Get to sleep.” I ordered firmly, once more. He nodded once, faint smile on his face as he pulled the headphones from his neck and began shutting down the computer. I left first, knowing he’d feel awkward about it if I had stuck around. No worries, young thug, I know you well enough. It was when I was shutting off the light in my room when I heard him leave the hall and make way for his own, his footsteps pausing before my door, in which I raised my eyebrow in curiosity. “Thank you,” I grinned to myself, and instead of saying anything, I chucked a cracker at the door. You’re welcome.
Okay give me like five minutes to upload chapter three, haha. My dear Cosmos~ @TheEnlightment@Superjuniorelf@jaxomb@BetseyBleau@SarahVanDorn @jjrockstar @EmmaJolie@MaritessSison
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