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You want to ha e fun with everyone so you decide to throw a paint party. How would a poor little Yoongi react to this?
For those who don't know what one is: Basically there's plastic on the walls and floors, and everyone is literally throwing and splashing paint around. This can also be done with black lights and luminescent paint. If you need a reference, think of the video for Young, Wild, and Free by BAP.
"You want me to what?!"
"I don't want to.......but I guess for you I will."
He'd be so terrified of everything at first. All the paint coming from everywhere.
Once he decides to play along beware.
"Are you happy now?" He's used up so much energy.
Poor thing doesn't even make it 5 minutes into the car ride before he is sound asleep.
@MadAndrea maybe...Hahaha yes I was to lazy to rewrite it.
........did you copy and paste my explanation XD love the card but that made me giggle. PS I loved the save me chapters
-turns around- yongguk!
-runs to aomg with paint- simon! i got a nee game to play!