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This is the final chapter for part one of this story! I will try my best to keep you guys updated with part 2 of this story every week! Also if you any suggestions or ideas for what you would like to see in part 2 comment below! Thanks for all the support!

Right when I was about to step out of my apartment I get a text from Dasom. *I'm in front of your building. Come down.* As soon as I step out of my building I see Hongbin's car and Dasom in the driver seat. I get in the passenger seat. "Hey girl. I missed you so much." Dasom says hugging me tight and I could feel my tears coming down. "I missed you too." I say hugging her back. "So I need to speak to you and Hongbin but before I do that I need to speak to you alone." Dasom says. "Yes of course what is it?" I ask. "I imagine Hongbin told you about the incident that happened to us in California, right?" Dasom says and I nod my head. "Even though Hongbin and I are twins he's still the older twin so when he acts like he did yesterday just try to understand him and don't get to mad at him, ok? He really likes you and I also need you to stay by his side when I'm gone." "Wait? What do you mean when your gone?" I say. "I need to look for somebody who I owe my life to." Dasom says. "You can't tell nobody especially Hongbin." "He is not going to let you go and you know that." I say. "What are you going to tell him?" "Nothing and that's why I'm telling you to stay with him at all times no matter how mad he gets you or how mad he gets at you. Promise me that you'll always stay by his side." Dasom says. I look down and stay quiet. "Promise me." Dasom pleads. "I promise." I say. "Here take this. Just in case you might need it later on. Keep it safe." Dasom says handing me a coffee thermos. "What is it?" I ask. "My blood. If you get injured just drink some of this and it will heal any severe wounds and if worse comes to worse if you die with my blood in you're system you will become a vampire. Which is not as bad." Dasom says. I start shaking for a little bit but then I take a deep breath. "Does Hongbin know you're dropping me off?" I ask. "No he doesn't know anything. When I left he was still sleeping. Chichi when you go inside make sure to stick to the plan. Ok? I want to be the one to tell him." Dasom says. "Ok. Take care of yourself Dasom." I give Dasom one last hug before stepping out of the car. I step into Hongbin's house and it's super quiet. "I guess he's still sleeping." I say to myself. "Dasom is that you?" Hongbin comes running down to the first floor. Hongbin's hair is a mess and he has dark circles under his eyes. "Oh it's you." Hongbin says unsatisfied. "It's nice to see you too." I say sarcastically. "I'm not in the mood right now." Hongbin says ruffling his hair. "What are you doing here anyway? I thought you still haven't forgiven me?" "I haven't but Dasom invited me over." I say. "Well you're out of luck because she's not here." Hongbin says. "She's not here?...... Of course she would do something like this." I say. "Like what?" Hongbin asks confused. "Telling me to come to your house and leaves so we would be alone. She wants us to make amends again." I say. "You're probably right." Hongbin sighs and sits down on the couch. I sit beside him. "Why are you so afraid of not having Dasom by your side. She's a grown woman and she could take care of herself you know." I say. "I know but I'm still her older brother even if it's just by five minutes it's still my job to take care of her and protect her." Hongbin says. "That's what my parents always told me to do and I will always stand by it." "What about me?....You said you also needed me in your life but when you're with Dasom you push me away and then expect me to forgive you when you're done." I say and Hongbin looks up at me. "I don't like how you look down on me like if we didn't grow up together. I'm also your flesh and blood." "No you're not." Hongbin says and I look at him shocked. "I don't make out with my own flesh and blood." He smiles. I smile. "I'm truly sorry for all the things you have gone through recently because of me." Hongbin says. "Do you forgive me?" "I forgive you." I say. Hongbin leans in for a kiss but then his phone rings and he looks at the screen. "Sorry but it's Dasom I need to pick it up." Hongbin says answering the phone and I nod. I stare at Hongbin the whole time he's talking on the phone. "Hey Dasom. Where are you?" Hongbin asks. "Yea she's here.....yes I promise." Hongbin smiles at me and his face suddenly turns serious. "What do you mean you're leaving?....You can't I just got you back....Dasom.....Dasom!" Hongbin hangs up the phone. He starts pacing back and forth and I stare at him nervously. "What happened? Is Dasom ok?" I try to sound as worried as I can. "Dasom left." Hongbin says furiously. "She left?" I try my best to sound shocked but by the look on Hongbin's face I could tell that he didn't buy it. "Did you know about this?" Hongbin tightly grabs my arm and forces me to stand up from the couch. "N....no. I...I didn't." I stutter. Hongbin puts his face close to mine and I see his pupils dilate. "Did you know that Dasom was going to leave?" Hongbin asks. "You can't compel me remember?" I say. "Hongbin you're hurting me." Hongbin let's go of my arm and I fall to the floor. Hongbin takes a glass cup and throws it to the wall and I flinch. "Hongbin please calm down." I say getting up from the floor. Hongbin is giving me his back. "So you were telling me that she can take care of herself because you knew that she was leaving." Hongbin says calmly and I feel a shiver down my spine. "You played me Chichi and I trusted you." Hongbin turns to face me and glares at me. "Get out." Hongbin says calmly. "N...no." I stutter. "Get out!" Hongbin screams. "I can't!" I yell back. "I promised I won't." I say more calmly. "Get out before I rip your neck off and I mean it this time." Hongbin says in a dark tone. "You could threaten me all you want but I'm not leaving." I say. "Fine then I'm leaving." Hongbin grabs his jacket and leaves. "Hongbin." I call after him. I call Dasom. "Dasom he left." I say worried. "Don't worry he'll be back. He just needs to blow off some steam." Dasom says calmly. "How are you so sure?" I ask. "Because I made him promise me that he'll take care of you. And he loves you so he'll be back." Dasom reassures me. "Ok then, take care. And keep in touch." I say before hanging up the phone. I pace back and forth waiting for Hongbin to come back. I look at the time from my phone and it's seven o'clock at night. He's been out for three hours. I wonder where is he. I hope he's ok. I sit on the couch and before I know it I fall asleep waiting for Hongbin to come home. I wake up to someone walking through the door and I look at the time and it's three in the morning. I look back to see Hongbin drunk. I run to his side and help him stay on his feet. "Heyyy....it's Chichi the one that knew my sister was leaving but didn't tell me." Hongbin says like if he was introducing me to a group of people. "Were you drinking all this time?" I ask while walking him up to his room. I lay him down on his bed. I take his shoes, socks, and jacket off. I also get him a cup of water. "Drink water Hongbin." I say. I'm about to grab the glass of water but Hongbin grabs my wrist and pulls me on top of him. When I try to get off him he hugs me tighter. "You know you're really pretty when you're mad." Hongbin says. "Well if you don't let me go then I'm going to get pretty dam gorgeous." I say trying to get free from Hongbin's hold. Hongbin laughs and before I know it we trade places. He is now on top and I'm on the bottom. "You know I always liked you ever since we were young." Hongbin says. His lips are inches away from mine. "Hongbin you're drunk." I say. "You know what they say drunken words are sober actions." Hongbin smiles. "I don't think that's how it...." I start off and Hongbin cuts me off with a kiss. He pulls away from the kiss. "You talk to much." Hongbin says then kisses me again. I try to push him away but he's too strong. I then surrender to his kiss. His skin is cold but his lips are warm. His kisses are gentle and passionate. Hongbin holds my hands over my head and then kisses me on my cheek down to my neck. Hongbin's kisses get more and more aggressive. Suddenly I don't see Hongbin on top of me anymore he is standing on the other side of the room with his hands on his knees and his head down. I sit up on the bed and try to catch my breath. "Are you ok?" I ask. "Yes. I'm fine. Just stay there." Hongbin says in a breathy voice. I look at him worried. He then turns around and walks back to the bed still a little drunk. Hongbin lays down next to me. "Can I get some water?" Hongbin asks. "Yea." I reply and pass him the water. Hongbin drinks the whole glass of water and lays down on the bed again. "My head hurts." Hongbin says. "I'll let you sleep then." I say. I stand up from the bed and Hongbin pulls me back to the bed and hugs me. "Please stay with me tonight." Hongbin says. "Ok." I say. Hongbin buries his face in my neck. "Remind me to not ever drink again." Hongbin whispers before falling asleep. I hear Hongbin lightly snoring. "He must've been really worried." I say to myself. 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OMG I just binged and I love this story!
So he isn't capable of having sex with her because he's a vampire right, that's gotta suck.
@MrsChanyeol literally😉
This is too adorable. Don't leave us hanging for too long!! :)