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Here we go Loverlys!! Part 2 of Diamonds are Forever... Now I apologize... I had a bit of a hard time writing this chapter. Things just don't seem to flow right if Nanami and Jin aren't together... I hope you have have patience with me as I am sure things will go more smoothly once our power couple are back as.... well..... a couple lol. Hope you enjoy chapter two!
If you haven't read Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend I suggest you go read that before starting here because you will not understand half of what is going to happen this season. You can find all of those chapters....
SUMMARY: Three years after Nanami left Jin in the night, the boys have become well known and widely loved idols. She goes to every concert and watches every TV appearance, but with Rick on her heels she can never be near him. With another major heist in Korea can she contain the urge to reach out to him while she is back?
Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.
“Do you think she watches us perform?” Jungkook sat at the edge of the stage swinging his legs back and forth, his eyes following the crew as they busily ran around Jin and himself. The show had ended only an hour ago and they were in a hurry to clean up the equipment so they could all go home to their families.
“I don’t know.” The older man responded almost defeated. Jin secretly hoped she did. Even though he wasn’t able to watch over her properly and make sure she was okay, he wanted to think that she was able to see his concerts and hear the songs he secretly dedicated to her.
“If you don’t think she does then why sing songs for her?” Jungkook turned his attention back to his hyung and curiously eyed him waiting for his reaction. If anyone else in the team would believe that Nanami was always watching it should be Jin.
“I don’t know, wishful thinking I guess.” Jin shrugged his shoulders and smiled over at the maknae. “I have seen her around here and there so why would it be any different for her to watch us perform through the TV if she is showing up at concerts?” This response made the younger member smile and bolt to his feet.
“Then I need to come up with a song for Noona too.” He smiled as he ran off probably searching for Taehyung who had his iPod.
Jin chuckled to himself as he watched the boy’s retreating back. “You shouldn’t give him false hope like that you know.” Jimin walked into the room and sigh as he sat down next to the elder.
“Who are we to say she is or isn’t watching over us in her own way. Nanami was always protective.” A soft look crossed the handsome boys features like it always did when she was on his mind.
Jimin shook his head. “I thought you were going to move on hyung.” Jin frowned. “I don’t think sending love songs to her through concerts counts as moving on.”
Jin sighed. “I know. It doesn’t help that I hold on to the thought of being able to see her again, but then again I have been seeing her all along.”
“Hyung…” Jimin whined slightly and gave Jin a pitying look. “You are just wanting to see her so badly that you think she is there. Ignore it and she will just go away. Before you know it you won’t even think about her anymore.”
Jin nodded his head. As much as the thought of forgetting his diamond thief hurt him, he couldn’t continue to hang on to something that would never happen. “I know.” He smiled at the other man and nodded. “You are right.”
Jimin smiled and pulled at Jin’s hand as he stood up. “Come on hyung we have another concert tomorrow.”
“You really should learn to hold your temper more.” Levi said the look of amusement still clear on her face.
“I was.” Nanami stated simply as she walked out of the kitchen.
“Really? You were?” A blue lollipop found its way into Levi’s mouth to try to muffle the snort she wanted to give Nanami in response.
“He asked for it.” Nanami shrugged not showing any regret in bashing the man’s head against the wooden table hard enough to knock him out. “If he would have left when I asked him to then it wouldn’t have happened.”
“Be honest Eonnie…” Levi smirked and pointed her lollipop in the other girl’s direction. “You wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t said something about Jin.”
Nanami sighed softly and turned to walk away from Levi. “He shouldn’t say something about someone he knows nothing about.” She looked out the window remembering when she had been doing the same thing the day she first saw the boys.
“You still love him don’t you?”
Her heart stopped and Nanami froze in place. She had said it… she had used the one word Nanami herself refused to utter. Love… did she love Jin? If you loved someone would you be able to just leave them without saying goodbye? Would you still be unwilling to change to be with them? Had she really given her heart to the pretty boy long ago? A broken chuckle left her lips making Levi look at her in pity. “Love?”
Nanami glared at the house across the street. The same house they had once lived in. Why she had decided to move back into the same house she had been in before was enough to confuse herself. Had she moved back here because it reminded her of him? Because this is where their story had begun before it ended too soon in the warehouse across town? She turned and looked around the living room remembering when she had sat with Jin and Namjoon on the couch and blackmailed them into stealing the diamonds with her. She could almost hear his voice… Jin’s voice arguing with her and trying to make sure they had the upper hand. A small smirk formed on her face before she lazily turned her head towards the kitchen door where Jin and refused to let her pack her own stuff when they moved to the warehouse. Then all too slowly her face turned towards the entryway. Blood… she reached down to touch her stomach were she had been stabbed the night she had saved Jungkook. She remembered the worried looks on the boys faces when she had woken up, she remembered trying to calm the hysterical Kookie as he begged for forgiveness after trying to set her up, she remembered Rick threatening the boys through Adam. She squeezed her eyes shut. No, the whole reason she had picked this house was to remind her of what had happened in the short time she was with them. To remind her of why she needed to stay away from the boys. There was no way she could reach out to Jin, Nanami was dangerous and the closer they were to her the worse off they were.
A heavy sigh left her lips and she turned to smirk at Levi and chuckle. “Love? Me? Now why would I do a stupid thing like that. The only love of my life is my pretty little diamond friends.”
Levi shook her head and frowned at the woman so far in denial she could probably dub it its own country. “Why?”
Nanami’s face contorted into confusion. “What?”
“Why?” Levi asked again as she stood up and took a few steps towards her best friend, her older sister, her only family.
“Why what?” Nanami asked again. She furrowed her eyebrows as the watched Levi stop in front of her.
“Why do you do this to yourself? Just because you lie to yourself do you think that is going to change the truth?” Levi tisked at the woman and shook her head. “You love him. Now you can either get over it or go see the boy while we are here. If you are careful I am sure ‘he’ won’t find out, you are talking to them again and he won’t go after them.” Levi turned to make her way out of the room. “Don’t you think it would be better than braking into their concerts and watching them from the support beams above?”
Nanami’s mouth almost fell down in surprise. “How did you…”
“I am not the same little girl I once was Mi.” Levi smirked and nodded her head towards Nanami’s pocket. “You kept disappearing so I bugged your phone. If you want to go spy on your ex you should really remember you taught me everything. There isn’t anything you do that I don’t know about.” Nanami watched in disbelief as the younger girl walked out of the room. “Oh!” Nanami almost jumped a bit as Levi popped her head back in. "Tomorrow is their last concert before they take a break, don’t you think you should catch him before he decides to go vacation in Hawaii or something?” With a wink she disappeared around the corner again leaving a blank faced Nanami standing alone.
“When the hell did that brat…?” She laughed to herself and shook her head. “She really has been spending too much time with me.” With a laugh she moved to plop herself down on the couch.
Should I go? Will I be able to say goodbye when I leave again? Will it be selfish of me to go see him knowing I will once again disappear? “Can I really be that selfish?”
The crowd began to grow restless beneath her. Nanami had started to enjoy watching the girls in the crowd get excited over seeing the boys. She was proud of them to say the least. They really had taken the world by storm. Nanami loved to read fans comments on their videos and watch as the boys played games together on reality shows. A few times she had to stop herself from going off on an anti-fan but it came with their profession and she knew the boys were strong enough to handle anything. They had after all worked with her before.
She smiled to herself as they all ran onto the stage and instantly started singing. ‘Tomorrow is their last concert’. Nanami sighed. “After tonight I don’t know when I will hear from them again.” She eyed Jin as he smiled at fans and waved. “Maybe just a short hello won’t kill anyone. Just let him see me for a moment.”
Nanami stood up and started to make her way over to the nearest wall. She needed to move quickly before she changed her mind. Her hand gripped the side of the wall as she climbed down into the crowd. The moment her feet touched the ground she remembered why she had always stayed up in the shadows. Bodies pushed against bodies and screaming girls claimed half of her hearing out of her right ear. She had to dodge a couple of miss swung elbows and light sticks as she made her way through the crowd. Nanami rolled her eyes and she jumped up onto the handrail and quickly made her way to the front of the crowd. A few girls tried to say something but she ignored them. After she got a closer look at him… after seeing him up close for the first time in three years she would leave. She jumped down right next to the stage and smiled up at him.
Jin looked in her direction and he froze for a moment. She watched as his eyes widened, a reaction she had expected, she waved a little as she smirked at his bewildered look, she knew he would shake his head and look at her as if he had seen a ghost… what she hadn’t expected? For him glare at her and turn away without a smile or a wave. She hadn’t expected him to walk over and switch places with Jimin. She hadn’t expected him to not once look in her direction again. “Did he just ignore me?”
Nanami’s face turned into a scowl as she turned to make her way through the crowd. ‘So he wants to pretend he didn’t see me huh? He wants to act like I was nothing huh?’ Now she was a bit angry as she made her way across the crowd of girls not caring if she shoved one out of her way slightly.
She climbed back up the wall at a record pace and made her way back to the exit. “You want to ignore me Pretty Boy?” She turned for a moment and looked back at the stage. “Fine, I will just have to make sure you notice me this time.” With a smirk she turned heading for a new destination…. The boys’ dorm.
Jin couldn’t keep his breathing straight as he continued to sing. It was almost like she knew he was trying to forget her. Nanami had never gotten this close to him in the last two years. She would always hide away in the shadows. ‘Don’t look, don’t look’ he chanted to himself mentally as he continued on with his performance. He would have to thank Jimin later for switching him spots, as well as explain to the boys why there was a sudden change in the lineup in the middle of a concert no less.
As they finished their last song his eyes searched the crowd near the stage. She was gone. There was no trace of her anywhere and he yelled at himself for even thinking there might have been. Maybe Jimin was right, maybe he was just seeing what he wanted to. Maybe his subconscious knew he was trying to forget Nanami and it was fighting him because of it. Why else would she come up to the stage and let him see her so clearly.
Jimin grabbed his hand and waved at the crowd happily as he pulled Jin away. The moment they walked behind the stage Jimin turned on his heel to look at Jin. “What happened out there?”
“WE would like to know the same thing.” Namjoon spoke up.
Jin shook his head and swallowed hard. “I saw her again, but this time she was right up front near the stage.” Jungkook’s eyes grew large and he moved in closer.
“I didn’t see her.” Jimin stated. “Is that why you wanted to switch spots?” Jin nodded and put his hand on his head as if he was trying to chase away a throbbing headache.
Namjoon sighed and just like the rest of the group, gave Jin a pitying glance. “Let’s go home Hyung.”
The boys changed out of their concert attire and all made their way out to the van. Maybe a little beat of sleep would help him feel better.
“Let’s go get food!” Taehyung yelled as they pulled out of the venue.
“We can do that. Where do you want to go hyung?” Namjoon looked back at Jin who sat silently.
“Actually, can you just drop me off at home.” All six boys looked worriedly at Jin as they pulled in front of their dorms and he got out alone. The looks still didn’t fade as they watched him make his way up the stairs.
“Hyung never says no to food.” Jungkook breathed. “I hope he is okay.”
His breath caught as he took in the scene in front of him. Her hair was still just as long as he remembered, the gleam in her eyes and the smirk on her lips hadn’t changed one bit. Jin shook his head scolding himself for hallucinating about her yet again. ‘She is gone Jin. Move on.’ He scolded himself mentally, but he still couldn’t find the strength to move. His limbs felt heavy like they were secured into place by concrete, and his head was foggy.
Three years, it had been exactly three years since she had disappeared on him without a trace. Three years since he had watched the news like a hawk only paying attention to the recordings of stolen goods. Three years since he visited every large gem convention with some kind of high priced diamond, pearl, sapphire, or ruby. Even his fans had started to think he just loved shiny things, but the truth was he was looking for her.
Just when Jimin had talked him into giving up and moving on with his life, just when he had decided he would try to forget her… here she was. Sitting in his living room like nothing had ever happened. Like she had never left him in the first place. Her hair hanging loosely around her face making his fingers twitch to push it behind her ears. Her smirk slowly turning into a genuine smile as she looked at him. Yes, Nanami wasn’t like this. The girl he knew would have said something back, she would have come up with something clever or witty when he just continued to stare at her.
Jin swallowed hard and shook his head slightly. Why after all of these years was she still haunting him like this? Shouldn’t you be able to forget your first love? Isn’t a first love supposed to be just a short fling that disappears as you move on with your life? Why couldn’t he forget her?
He was dragged out of his thoughts as she shifted moving to sit down on the arm of the sofa. “Hey there Pretty Boy.” Her words were like poison. How could he have even thought he would be able to forget her. Even his mind was able to easily remember her voice. He was exhausted. He couldn’t take this torture anymore. With a sigh he turned on his heels and started to head back to his room. “I was talking to you.”
Jin froze. Her voice was right in his ear. He could feel her breath tickle his earlobe and the smell of her perfume drifted lazily into his nose. His heart nearly stopped beating when she snaked her arms around his waist and hugged his back tightly. “N..Nanami?” He turned around to face the small frame only inches away from him.
“Oh! You do remember me Pretty Boy. You had me worried for a minute there.” She smirked and flicked the tip of his nose. “Here I thought the stardom had gone to your head and you had forgotten you thieving ex girlfr…..” Her words were cut off as his hands reached out to hold her head still as he kissed her. The kiss was full of need and hope. Nanami moved up onto her tippy toes and snaked her arms around his neck letting him deepen the kiss for only a moment before pulling back and smiling. “Nice to see you again too Pretty Boy.”
Well what did you think? Are you glad they are back together? Do you think they have a chance of lasting this time or will Nanami pull another disappearing act?
I apologize if this chapter was weird, as I stated before it was a bit strange for me to write so it took a long time to get through it.... but now that our couple is back with each other I foresee things going smoother.
Well as always thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it!!
Until Next Time Loverlys!!
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