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I went through a phase before college when I hated hugs.

My boyfriend told me I was bad at it, my friends were violent huggers, and I just didn't really like the stress involved with deciding whether or not to hug someone when you greet them.
I don't know what changed for me, but now I'm totally fine with hugs and cuddles.
Maybe it was 4 years of rush hour subway rides in New York that got me used to people, but whatever it is, I'm definitely on the pro-cuddle team now!

Buzzfeed brought some professional cuddlers in to the office to curl up with their employees, and this is what happened.

Also for the anti-cuddle crew, here's a video of people being hugged and hating it :)

What about you, are you a hug lover or hater?

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I had back surgery when I was fourteen and it messed up the nerves in my back. So I'm Noel a fan of hugs since I can't tell where people's hands are.
I love hugs and cuddles hand holding. I love physical contact
I am a huge cuddler!!! I love getting all cuddly with people and having that connection with them
I hate physical contact, I always have since I turned around 12, I hated it and people understood and know even when I got my first job at work in March they were very cautious about touching me cuz I'd flinch away and tense up
I use to hate hugs, but then I realized that I love to cuddle and be hugged by people. And I'll have moments where I just want cuddle but other people don't usually want to. I especially like hugging guys who I have a crush on or find attractive. I really wish I could have a boyfriend who would cuddle m whenever I wanted to :l