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Hello Hello Hello!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! :) To continue this series of Korean Skin Care Routine cards we are moving onto the next step in the process: Cleansing Oils!! If you missed step one please click here Again: If you are already tagged I will continue to tag you as these cards are created. If you want to be tagged for future cards please just leave a comment requesting it. Though if you are currently tagged and wish to be removed from the tag list, please let me know. Feel free to ask me questions about anything but my answers will mostly be experience/opinion based, I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST :P Also just an FYI, my skin type is very very sensitive that leans more toward the dry side. Now let's get started!
The second step in my face cleansing routine is a cleansing oil. I know that when I first started looking into cleansing oils I got very nervous because well, it has the word "Oil" in the title. So before I go into talking about different products, I want to help take away your fears and explain cleansing oils and why they are amazing. Cleansing oils use the "good oils" in your skin to remove the "bad oils." Oils are developed differently on your skin, it can be from makeup, naturally or other products you may put onto your skin. No matter the formula of cleansing oil or your skin type the effect is roughly the same. The formula in the cleansing oil works with the oils that are already on your skin to help remove the bad oils, dirt and help unclog your pores. Many cleansing oils also contain antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients that help to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. The way to use cleansing oils is very simple. Depending on which type you decide to use will determine how much you need for your skin. The type I use requires me to use about 2 pumps. Here are the steps to use cleansing oils: 1. Put the cleansing oil on the tips of your fingers 2. Slowly massage the cleansing oil onto your skin 3. Preferably go in a counter clockwise rotation as you lightly massage your face 4. Do this for about 30 or so seconds or until you feel like your face is clean and free of dirt 5. Rinse face with water. Personally, when rinsing my face I splash water on my face. I don't like using a washcloth on my skin because it is very sensitive and well washcloths aren't exactly the softest things in the world. I haven't used a whole lot of different cleansing oils because a little goes a long way. So I will only have reviews for two different kinds.
Laneige Oil-Free Cleansing Liquid is the cleansing liquid I am currently using. And I love it so so so much. I really like this cleansing liquid because of a few reasons: 1. It is oil free making it even more gentle on my skin 2. It has skin brightening qualities 3. It is like a gel rather than a liquid making it easier to apply I don't use this product every day because I don't feel as if I really need to. I use it when I've worn heavier makeup (which is rare), had some crazy workout, or just feel like I need that extra step. This product goes on super easy and rinses off super easy. I don't feel as if my face still has something heavy resting on it while I go to the next step. I do however make a point to use it at least a few times a week because I believe it has great hydrating qualities that only it can provide. As I said earlier I only need 2 pumps (not even full pumps) of this for it to be more than enough to massage onto my face. If you are interested in purchasing this product you can click here or you can actually find Laneige products at your local Target. Most have it available. Laneige is a Korean company but getting it at target means you can have the English translation rather than the hangul.
The first cleansing oil I used was by the Face Shop. Rice Water Bright Cleaning Oil I really like using this product and I noticed a MAJOR difference in the brightness of my skin. The color of my skin was more even in tone and texture, bright, and soft. The only thing I didn't like about this cleansing oil was that it was very very runny. The cleansing oil is very much an oil and it did feel as if it left a little bit of a residue on my skin after using it. It was also difficult to use because it was so runny. What ever pumps I would get out would have dripped through my fingers before I could even apply it to my face. I didn't notice any major breakouts when using this product. I still use this product every once in a while when I feel like my face is getting a little on the dull side, just because the brightness effect it has is nearly an instant difference. If you are interested in trying out this product you can purchase it by clicking here
Sorry, there were only 2 products I talked about, I just haven't had the need to purchase new ones or change up the ones I'm using. As stated earlier, I don't use this product every time I wash my face but that is because of the lifestyle I live. If you tend to wear heavier makeup every day, then you may need to use this every night you wash your face. As you use it you will have to decide how often you need it :) Hopefully this was useful to you! Of course, these are my own opinions/experiences with these two different products. Feel free to ask questions, but remember I'm not an expert :) Next time: Facial Cleansers!
@FalseLove I'll have to try it when im out of my Laneige. it's getting low 馃槃
I use 'Love Your Bare Face' by Julep it also came with a Kaboku Sponge. It feels really good and it hydrates
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tag me please!
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