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It takes one second to kill someone. no litterly dude like one second. and that's one second you can never take back, that's one second that'd lead you to life behind bars. and here I am, throwing a body off a bridge at 2 am in the morning. Now don't get me wrong I didn't kill this passerby, this ass-hole just decided to walk in front of my truck, and when I got out of my truck to check on him, the little bastard stopped breathing. Like what kind of an ass-hole decides "hey I'm gonna ruin this guy's life and not breathe" like what the fuck, rude much? Now I didn't plan this, three hours ago I was at a bar drinking my ass off on bourbon because my cock sucking ass co-worker convinced my boss I was stealing their product for my self (which was a complete lie) and my boss suspended me. I am a local truck driver that delivers Wisconsin's best, "All Might's beer" does it look like I'd want to hog five boxes of beer to myself? (Dont answer that question..) So naturally I was pissed off and planned on driving the truck into a river after a few drinks ...Kidding sheesh take a joke. After about two hours of poisoning my blood, the bar attendant told me he couldn't serve me anymore because I was "too drunk" tempted to crack the guys head open, I stormed out the bar kicking down chairs as I left. I cursed out the air a bit because it was talking shit, and finally slammed myself into Winsconin's best; All Might's beer truck. "What the fuck do I do now?" was the first thought that crossed my mind as I sat in the truck with the engine running. "I know!" said my genius entoxicated head, "why not go on a road trip, and come back in a week or two once my suspension is over" And so I got out of my parking spot, no food, no money, no clothes; reminder, I thought this was a good idea. About thirty minutes into the empty road I came a cross a large bump and a slight groan. For some reason the first thought that crossed my mind was, Zombies? and infatuated with seeing one before my very eyes I quickly got out of the truck. To my disapointment, it wasn't a zombie rather a corpes. A middle-aged man with a disabled leg and his head twisted to the back of his neck with blood running down every open wound in his body. The second thought that crossed my mind was Roadkill and I let out a snort. Now in this case I should feel guilt, scared, anxious, but I felt no remorse I was as calm as the band that played as the Titanic sank. Though the thought that soon came after my "Roadkill" joke was cannibalism, no one will find the body if it's digested into my stomach, however I don't think I was quit ready to eat another human being yet. But I can take the body somewhere where there are alot of crows and have them decompose of the body, but that'd take hours and leave remains. So my next big thought was to simply wrap that son of a bitch in a bag and throw him in the river, all while wearing gloves of course wouldn't want to smear my DNA all over him. I dumped him in the back of my truck and rode to the nearest empty bridge and unloaded him, watching his body sink into the abyss of the sea. I actually felt a thrill, like a shot of adrenaline. I thought, this man probably had a wife and kids that loved him and family, friends, a career, a life -- and I have non of those so why should I give a fuck? I can't sympathize with a dead man. In my life was only me and my suck ass minimum wage Job, and my X-wife Lorie that's now re-married to a pediatrician and had two children with him and another on the way. My shock of adrenaline soon stopped, and so did the few moments where I felt alive. When I had a change in pace after the monotonous life I'd been living. In a weird fucked up way, you can say... it was fun
I need help in describing this guy running over someone better - like instead of saying "I came a cross a large bump and a slight groan" I want to put it in better terms creating more Imagery perhaps helping me describe the way the dead guy looked to create imagery would also be nice =D
@CandyApple22 😂 thanks for the help I think I'll use it :)
Im pleasantly surprised to find this on my page ouo that was really good! Is this a story or something? It sounds really good!
As for the driving thing, you could maybe put it something like "Im driving down the road when the lights of my car catch a shadow, and before i can stop to see what it was, my car slams into it with a loud thud" or for daylight "Im driving when i see a figure in the road. Zombie, was my first thought, and i dont stop the car until i've ran right over it, a big bump causing me to jump in my seat" i dunno tho, i've never wrote a story where someine ran over a person XD makes me curious to try though