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A poem I made written in the perspective of millions of artists/groups suffering the ugly side of the music industry and how their dreams of getting to where they are now are sadly their enemies. And dedicated to what they go through to make it in the music world, yet still survive because that's all we can do. Especially kpop groups who no matter how hard they ace every dance move, singing, etc and all they've done to get where they are today, it never seems to be enough in a world where beauty tends to overpower creativity and everything else. And the hard work they've done, doesn't reflect their paycheck, most going straight into their company's pockets, which really upsets and saddens me.

They like me, They mock me They call me pretty face They chant in unison and say my voice leaves them dazed You should be grateful Others dreamed of standing where you are today People would always say And I am thankful But unable to feel entirely complete Under a label made of fables, Yet I still can't find my name Chasing a dream To become a part of music's family And use my voice as a tool to get my parents out of waste-deep poverty Fast-forward to now, I'm wearing the crown Giving me ability To pass out hope to others piece by piece Through lyrical sound And it felt fucking amazing Knowing this wasn't a daydream This was real And unveiled a new of type of world I saw as a precious pearl no longer concealed But under one condition, I failed to envision To give up one thing close to me, The quality of being free And put under a strict diet To swallow beauty and stay quiet Cross-examining my body Instead of talent stored inside I prepared Diligently Sexy=money Says the music industry Ass and abs brings more cash Versus creativity "You're not looking good these days," It says, "there's a choice you need to make" Am I good enough or should I play dress-up with my face? It puts me in its hungry mouth, Once it gets its fill it spits me out As I find myself trapped in a maze Tazed by the one thing I always craved to be that kept me sane, Now a deceive, Driving with no brakes Oh, what a twist this came to be, Plot piled high with insecurity This ain't a fairytale with proper editing This is cold reality The throne I once called my home Now stares back with crows snapping at my toes My only knight and shining armor Is my reflection staring back at me As I signed across the dotted line with perfect cursive to the written form of slavery
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God this is beautiful