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Ch. 2
I woke up feeling refreshed like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. “I could get used to this” I said to myself. Not having to get up by someone nagging me, not having to worry about being somewhere. I stretched and moaned and it’s amazing how after waking up a good stretch can easily relax you a bit. Part of me didn’t want to get out of bed, but the part that was stronger reminded me I had to get up and finish unpacking and cleaning. I shot up with a full amount of energy I kinda felt like the energizer bunny, and I’m pretty sure I’m glowing because I will see my old friend Yoongi today he just doesn’t know it yet.
I showered put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, pulling my hair back in a ponytail. I got to work cleaning and rearranging furniture. I made a list of things I needed when I ran into town. I was disturbed from my thoughts when my phone rings. I pick it up rolling my eyes and sighing into the receiver.
“Hello mother.” I answer.
“So how are things going? Did you unpack? Did the movers set up the heavy things? Have you practiced today?” my mother again with her million questions a minute.
“First with the practicing not yet, I have to get grandmother’s piano tuned. Second yes, the movers did their job and everything is fine.” I answer her questions.
“Okay great, just remember our agreement, you have to practice every day.”
“Yes, mother I know and if you call and I don’t answer it’s because I’m practicing and I’ll call you after I’m done. Okay.” I remind her, she just hums.
“I have to get off here and complete some things, I’ll call you soon. I love you, mom.” I said. My mother blows me off as usual and hangs up.
“I love you too honey, please get as much rest as possible, maybe meet a guy or make friends.” I say to myself in my mother’s voice. I know my parents love and care about me, I just wish they were able to show it more.
Later that afternoon, I grab my bag and head out the door. I drive into town my first priority is to find a music shop, and I found one immediately. The building looked run down the sign was falling apart and all I could make out was “Mini’s Music” or that’s what it looked like to me. I have a habit of going to thrift shops and antique stores so this looked like heaven to me.
As I open the door and walk in, it doesn’t look like anyone has been working there for years, it was dusty and had an old smell of wood, I fell in love with it. I love the history of older buildings, and the smell of leather bound books, take me to an antique book store and you have to drag me out of there.
“Hello!” I call out but I don’t get a response at first. I walk further into the shop and call out again.
“Hello anyone here?” I ask.
“Yeah hold on please.” I heard a husky voice from behind a wall. As I wait for the person behind the voice to appear I continue to walk around the store until I stop because something caught my eye. In the back of the store was a very old very beautiful upright piano. I don’t know exactly why but every time I see a piano it’s like I’m being pulled in by them. Out of the whole place this is the cleanliest area along with the piano. “Someone must really love you to take this much care of you.” I said as I touched the top of the piano.
“Please don’t touch the piano.” Yoongi said. I see a silver head pop out from behind a wall. The man walks out towards me and I recognize him from yesterday. It’s Yoongi!
“I’m sorry for making you wait, but could you please not touch that?” he asks as I’m about to place my hand on the piano. I look down at my hand and move it quickly.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to~” I start off but stop mid-sentence. The man looks a little annoyed with me, I clear my throat.
“I was wondering if you or if you knew someone that could tune my piano for me?” I ask. Yoongi looks straight at me.
“Yes I can actually, I’m the owner of this store and I can repair pianos.” He replies as he places his hands behind his back.
“Could you repair mine?” I ask.
“Give me your address.” He replies.
I smile at him. “Thank you, that will be great.” I hand him the paper with my address on it. I was half expecting a response of “Oh I know where this is, are you by chance Mrs. Lee’s granddaughter?” But I didn’t get any response. I thought at least I would get some sort of reaction out of him I am a famous pianist after all and plus we grew up together. Did I change that much? I thought to myself.
He takes the paper and looks it over. “Have a good day Miss.” He replies. I nod my head and smile at him before turning around and walking out of his shop. I wasn’t sure but I think I saw a small smile escape his mouth and it was still cute. I’m glad he didn’t lose that, I always thought he was a little kitten when he smiled at least that’s what he reminded me of.
I reach my car and sit in it for a few moments. “OMG I just ran into Yoongi!” Seriously this is how our first meeting went. OMG I’m such a ditz why wasn’t I thinking clearly.” I keep yelling at myself in my car I placed my head on the steering wheel, I didn’t know Yoongi was watching me until I looked back up and caught him. I smiled and waved at him but he didn’t return anything and just turned around and walked away.
“Okay Y/N! Get your act together, you have to get over your nervousness before he arrives tomorrow.” I start my car and head home.
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