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That is sweet, i'm glad he has someone like her.. would you forgive Se7en? IDK if I would =/
@Jabreu126 @tinamurphy79462 that's why I don't like scandals.. no body ever knows the whole truth and the media & public really can't judge because they don't know the whole story >__<
Ultimately it's between SE7EN and his girlfriend. Reporters need to pipe down and give stars their privacy sometime. Not so impressed with the threatening the reporters. I'd probably to that too if it threatened my career and all I love too. Just saying its NOT a big deal now days.
It's not so much the massage parlor incident, but when the reporters were caught with their cameras, Se7en and others with him physically apprehended them and threatened them. Once again this is just a story... And I have little faith that it's the WHOLE story. I know people love to twist words and such, and I am unsure if se7en would be THIS completely reckless. Something seems left out in the whole thing. And I'm pretty sure that "thing" left out is the reason his GF is still with him. Also a lot of you are forgetting he's in the army now which makes it worse to deal with this scandal.
@beeonka oh my god Oo so he went to prostitutes? Can't believe it :x
couldn't she massage him instead?
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