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It turns out that the North Korean ship that I posted about yesterday was carrying "sophisticated missile technology" As reported yesterday, this was concealed as sugar. The ship was coming from Cuba. A de­fense con­sult­ing firm, said that it had iden­ti­fied the equip­ment shown in the im­ages as an SNR-75 “Fan Song” fire con­trol ra­dar for the SA-2 fam­ily of sur­face-to-air mis­siles. North Korea must go through with increasingly complicated schemes to trade with other 'rogue states.' The country often has its diplomats carry cash in bulk to complete transactions. North Korea has been caught attempting to trade weapons with Myanmar, Cuba, and Syria....
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I saw this last night on the news! What are the ramifications for N. Korea?
Almost definitely no ramifications. They're violating sanctions but they always are! No one can really do much more without invading and its not like anyone wants that.