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So I was away from computer for an hour and this happened?!?!?!?! Okay so for those people who aren't getting this view when they open EXO website change your date to June 1st and viola this will appear....It says EXO ACT 3...now people familiar with the drama club know the term act 3..
The first act is the introduction. I'm guessing this is their debut song MAMA with their alien concept....they are from a different planet...
The second act is the part where the tough situations strike and it either makes or breaks you and you run away....EXODUS
Finally the third act...this is the climax of the story
Since we have that out of the way the next thing is their title songs...Monster and Lucky One...dark and light...heaven and hell....
Do you think that the title songs are related to the pictures Sehun posted???
Oh and a while back Baek posted this and many were speculating what the M and L stood for....now I guess we know....Monster...Lucky One
So this video was posted but the user has removed it now....which only confirms that SM ain't playing around...however I have a link! and you can watch the video there---> https://dilaygent.tumblr.com/post/145233515576/binch-monster-dance-practice

Hair Update!

Ok so this is how Kyungsoo looks now...I don't think he's coloring his hair though...this kid keeps cutting his hair I think he's gonna shave his hair completely next...
Humphh...that's all I guess...a couple of hours ago I was angry that nothing had been released and now I've turned into this emotional mess....I will try to update you guys on what is happening but until then bye~
@Tigerlily84 Yea he is going to kill all the noonas
When they were revealing it the A was the third letter, though. So it started as E-X-A
Please for the love of everything make him stop growing! 🙈😿 I can't take the stress! This comeback is going to land me in a straight jacket. @SarahVanDorn !
@clandrea170 thanks! 😘
@clandrea170 will you tag me in any info. Please
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