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Aishh.....people....people......where do I even start with this. This drama.....holy lord almighty this drama.....you need to watch it. Right now, like seriously, watch it. I have been through such an emotional roller coaster, There were many tears, many moments of intense drama suspense, many times when I felt like I wanted to throw my laptop across the room...I will try to give you guys the best detailed review I can but just in case I fail, there is one thing I want you all to know from this. Watch it.
Plot~ A man who loses his beloved son in a building collapse does the only thing he can think of to exact revenge. Ha Myung Geun (Jo Jae Hyun), a police detective, is devastated by his son鈥檚 death, and he blames the shoddy building practices of the TaeHa conglomerate, owned by Jang Tae Ha (Park Sang Min). So Myung Geun kidnaps Tae Ha鈥檚 son as revenge and raises him as his own. Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) grows up to become a police detective just like his father, but when he discovers as an adult that his father is actually his kidnapper, Eun Joong鈥檚 entire world is turned upside down. Caught between his two fathers, what will Eun Joong do when he discovers the truth? And how will it affect his relationship with Woo Ah Mi (Jo Yoon Hee), the woman he loves?
Fave Character~ Without a doubt, this position goes to none other than detective Ha Eun Joong. Although this character is played by an actor that I am a huge fan of and really appreciate, I promise that is not my only reason for absolutely adoring this character. If anything, this drama showed me why I like Kim Jae Won's character's so very much. Ha Eun Joong is truly a kind and respectable man. I will not ruin the drama, however I can greatly commend him for this. Throughout all of the wrongdoings and misfortune he has been given, Ha Eun Joong remains as a good and forgiving person throughout the entire thing. I cannot say much, as this is the main character, however I can say that he is truly the type of person that I want to see more of in this world.
Fave Scenes~ These scenes usually are very cliched and overdone, however in this drama my absolute favorite parts are those sweet little family moments. The moments where Ha Eun Joong is really struggling, and his family and friends come to stay beside him and show him that they support his decisions. Even with the others characters, for example mother dearest (which is what I will forever call her since she is officially the best KDrama momma of all time!) When she is having a difficult time, and someone comes to help pull her up. It apply's to all of the characters, and the scenes were very well done, so that although it's a common KDrama scene it doesn't seem like it. These one's really touch your heart! (and I will admit, they brought many many many tissues boxes into my bedroom)
Comments~ So I will admit, this was a little hard to watch at a few moments. This is a very long drama (36 episodes) and I personally am not a huge fan of long backstories. This drama had 5-6 episodes of the stuff!! But although I was not a fan of the long prologue, even that really was interesting. It's absolutely necessary to the story line and they manage to do it in a way that doesn't seem bad at all. You really get pulled into the drama! Now towards the middle, (after the current events are well under way) it seems to be getting a little slow. There are twists and turns and new events, but they don't seem to make much progress at all! Never fear though, it gets worlds better! They make up for it and I promise that it doesn't stay that way. The later parts are more than enough to compensate for that! They will have you loosing sleep and sitting on the edge of your seat all night long.
Recommendation~ Now from what I have noticed, Kim Jae Won's dramas seem to be hit or miss for viewers. You either adore his work (me) or you hate it. As of yet I have watched two of his drama's Can You Hear My Heart, and this one. Both I would put as ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE OR YOU HAVE NOT LIVED LIFE!!! Seriously, even if you haven't been a huge fan of his work in this past I still can't bring myself to say not to watch this. It's a complete masterpiece to me, and I think saying don't do it would be depriving you of an absolutely fantastic drama! Rating: 11/10 (It would be higher, but I did put the slow moving middle and prologue into account)
omg sounds interesting!
@KAddict have you seen that one? flames of deisre/ambition??
@Kamiamon yes she is! This role she played VERY well too <3
the fourth picture, bottom left, I think that's the woman from my first drama with Yoo Seung Ho edit: yes, confirmed it on dramawiki. She is a scary good actress!!
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