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Everybody Single Keep It Going!

Yes...TuT Im single... dont laugh lol xD!
Definitley dating an anime character
Technically single yes, but married and 200% devoted to anime life and 175% devoted to manga love and any left is devoted to bodybuilding or eating and drawing manga and writing stories. Basically I'm single but in a relationship called anime binging!! We're together all day everyday pretty much!! Haha!! Anime is life!!
single and waiting for second big bang to thurst us into anime world so I can date anime characters :)
Haha! @NessaB
@Gibbous1992 bwahaha!!! 😂😂 Omg you're too funny. I totally know what you mean though haha! Can't be with just one. I'm even dating some girls and I'm a girl and don't like girls irl 😂 can't help it though
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