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Have you ever seen your cat licking himself and think something along the lines of "I wish I could help this poor guy out!"?

Well, for starters, you're a little weird.

But it's okay! Fortunately for you, there's a new Kickstarter project out there for a product I know you'd love - the LICKI!

The LICKI is a giant silicone comb designed to look and feel just like a real cat tongue - so you can help out with the whole arduous grooming process!

And when you use it, not only does it make your fur baby feel like you're just a cat mom helping out, it makes everyone who watches you feel 100% uncomfortable!

According to LICKI founder Jason O'Mara, licking your cat not only reduces hairballs but creates a stronger bond between cat and owner:

"As a human, you're left out of the intimate licking ritual. At best, you have a one-sided licking relationship with your cat."

Currently, the Kickstarter is about $7000 away from reaching their goal, so if you're interested in getting a LICKI in your life, there's about 25 days to go to donate to the cause and score yourself one of the very first LICKI brushes in production!

So now I want to know:

Which one of you would ACTUALLY buy this for your cat? Do you think the LICKI is a good idea, or is it just kind of creepy?

Let me know in the comments below and for more things you didn't know you wanted until now, follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection.
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@jazminramirez9 It's where I get all my cups and silverware and things like that! :)
@danidee yes in my house in the floor where I walk hmmm I think not knowing is better.
@wollivierre LOL Yes probably.