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Heehee WONHO(e) is greeting you with a big abs filled hug cause long time no see~~ Hello out there~ 😎How ya doin? Good? Bad? Stressed? All three? :D cause same πŸ™ˆ
Anyway, I have a possibly unpopular opinion that I'm curious about your input on.πŸ€”πŸ€”
Say you like a group and you have a bias and you have friends who also like that group. 😍However, collectively only a few bias the same person, excluding youπŸ˜”. So they all rant and rave about this person and do little to no appreciation of your fav.😐
How would ya feel? Suffocated?😫Okay with it cause whatever people like different people?πŸ€“ How would that go down for you? πŸ™„ Let a friend know~ 😘 Tagging the Fam~ @KellyOConnor @Amandamuska @JinsPrincess86 @ARMYStarlight @Kpopandkimchi @destiny1419 @YazminG95 @KpopGaby @B1A4BTS5ever @RubyCortez @Chocolat09 @thePinkPrincess @nenegrint14 @punkpandabear @Isoldapazo @torress2403 @LysetteMartinez @YessicaCardenas @bubblekookie (Want to be added/ removed for future cards? Just lemme know~πŸ™ŒπŸ») Sidenote: WONHOE and Kookie didn't have a ton to do with this boring ass card so I put them there for entertainment sake x3
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Doesn't bother me. Most groups I don't really have a bias though, but when it comes to my UB, I'm just fine keeping him to myself.
@JaxomB good to hear~ :3 I'm just the kinda person that likes to spazz haha~ nice to know ya do fine on your own ^\^
@ArmyofKookie I have a daughter that I have to listen to 24/7 spazz over her bias's now that school is out. Though we like a lot of the same groups, we rarely agree on the guys.
Even if my Kpop pal doesn't share my bias I would still spazz over my bias. She listens to me spazz and I listen to her spazz and then we spazz together. She'd be did you see Suga? And I'm all opps I was staring at JHope. LOL. β™₯
@JaxomB oh boy that's interesting x3 that's cool that you like similar things as her ^-^ @TerraToyaSi totally! That's my point lol it's just gotta go both ways~ :')