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I somehow started listening to NSYNC earlier today and had to wonder if the internet was more available when I was little if I would have been a huge pop fan in the 90s or not.

Here are a few groups that remind me of Kpop groups :3


All attitude and strength. Plus, you know Rap Mon would rock one of those pleather jackets ;)


Part comedy part romance. These boys are all hilarious, talented and energetic!

Day6 - BBMAK

No explanation needed! I loved BBMAK so much :)

SHINee - Backstreet Boys

Completely over the top and ridiculous but also super talented. Totally SHINee, totally BSB.

Seventeen - Dream Street

Cute, young, and just ADORABLE.


J-Hope - Aaron Carter

Do I need to explain?

Any other ideas? Were these right or totally wrong lol?

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nailed Got7 also I was so into NSync... I had all the merch
The funny thing is Backstreet Boys debuted in Japan in 1996, before they entered the US market in 1997. BSB is my ultimate boy band...😍😘
aye tag me , in every card 😂 probs exo related
@ercurrent crying. That was so accurate.
I'm not a huge 90s fan but I'll check these songs out for the heck of it ^-^