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Sorry I'm pushing back Fluff week due to a hectic schedule. Plus I think maybe I shouldn't switch to fluff so fast.... ;)

This is an interesting story so keep that in mind when reading.

In your house there was the habit of not leaving without having breakfast, you sat rather unwillingly seeing your step mother place the toasts on the table, there was already butter, jam, cheese, eggs, coffee and juice, everything so you could eat properly. Feeling sleepy and absolutely not hungry you poured coffee in your mug. Your dad was sitting on the head of he table as always, it was a table for six but only four sat on it. Yoongi walked into the dinning room area, his earbuds already on, his uniform looking a bit messy as it was accustomed of him. -Good morning- he said flatly as he sat on his usual seat next you, you barely glanced at him. -Good morning- they responded. Your father placed his phone on the table, glancing at both of you with a mild smile. -So you two, how is school going?- Yoongi and you went to the same high school, you were on the same year although not on the same classroom, so one of the main topic in the house was your studies. -Fine I guess- you answered deciding to grab a toast. Yoongi was already eating one with butter and eggs. -Yoongi?- his mother pressed, taking a sip from her juice. -Fine as well, you know, its a bore most of the time- She smiled. -But its sure fun with your sister there- Yoongi looked at her in the eye. -Y/N is not my sister- he stated very seriously, almost annoyed. You stirred on your seat getting a bit nervous, you knew this was a tense issue in the house, more so for Yoongi and his mother. Since your father married his mother two years ago you have been living under the same roof, they wanted to both of you to act like siblings but you couldnt; Yoongis mother thought it was pure rebellion of her son, but it was actually more complicated than just plain defiance. -You are so rude- she said shaking her head, Yoongi huffed. Under the table you searched for his hand, you knew no one could see you and honestly you didnt want Yoongi to start the day being angry. You found his hand, placing yours on top you caressed it a bit to then give it a light squeeze. But Yoongis reaction wasnt the one you were expecting, he jolted your hand away, his face now more annoyed. What was wrong with him? You looked at him from the corner of your eyes and he shrugged. You felt your cheeks getting hot from embarrassment for being rejected, if he could be rude then so could you. You finished your toast and stood up. -Im in a hurry today, Ill be going first- you placed your plate on the sink and then bowed to your father and to Yoongis mother. -Have a a nice day- Yoongi didnt watch you leave, he finished his third toast when his mother cleared his throat. -I dont know until when you are going to be rude to her- -Im not being rude- he responded, but it wasnt what his mother was thinking. -Say sorry to Hyunwoo, please- Yoongi stared at your father feeling wronged, he shouldnt be apologizing for stating the truth. -Im sorry- he said nonetheless before standing up. -Please, go and see if you can catch Y/N on the way- He looked at his mother and then at Hyunwoo. -Go to her Yoongi- the man said. -Shes been a bit odd lately, its best if she goes with company- He nodded, taking his bag to leave, like he wasnt going to go after you in the first place. Yoongi got out of his usual lazy pace, he walked really fast, almost jogged to get to you, and he did. You were walking at a medium pace, distractedly looking to the sky and to your surroundings. Yoongi thought you were cute, you were obviously daydreaming about something. That was until you spotted him, you furrowed your brows, rolled your eyes at him and started walking faster. Yoongi smirked. -If you want to walk together then walk a bit slower- he said, you were the only ones at a hearable distance so it was no doubt for you. -Why dont you walk faster?- you retorted without turning. -I already ran after you, isnt fair if you slow down?- You didnt say anything, but he noticed how you were walking with less hurry now, that made him smile because it was so typical of you. He didnt approach you though, he walked a few steps behind you with his hands in his pockets, listening Kanye West, but his attention was on you, even if it was from a distance Yoongi would always guard you, and you knew that. Just before arriving to the street that would led you to the school you stopped walking completely, Yoongi did so as well staring at you curiously, wondering what was on your mind. You looked around, seeing if there was someone important watching, there wasnt so you stepped closer to him and planted a kiss on his lips. Soft and quick, but both of you felt it all over your bodies. -Y/N, we are in public- -Theres no one around… You dont want me to kiss you?- He looked at the sides, shutting his mouth when a group of people walked past you, then Yoongi stared at you in the eye. -Its not that… you know it- You couldnt believe he had rejected you twice just this morning, so you bit your lip and glared at him -Well, Im sorry- you turned around to keep walking but Yoongi held your hand. He looked into your eyes, feeling like an idiot. -We are on plain sight right here Y/N- he stated letting your hand fall down to your side again. It pained you, not being able to kiss him whenever you wanted, not being able to hold his hand; you knew Yoongi wanted to do those things as well but you didnt understand why it was easier for him than it was for you to accept things as they were, if anybody found out about your relationship then the news could be spread and then get to both of your parents, and that wouldnt be good nor would it be pretty. So you nodded not saying anything else and just kept walking. Before, you thought being on different classrooms would be difficult, but now you appreciated it. It wasnt that you got tired of Yoongis presence, it was that maybe this was good for you, some sort of physical distance, especially for you since you constantly believed you were suffocated without him, being apart even if it was just for a couple of hours was a good thing, you were certain it would help you breathe better when you were with him. You had a small group of friends in there, they always asked for the guy with whom you were daydreaming most of the time but you never told them anything, always saying the name of a famous person or other distracting things. The bell rang, you thought on going to find your friends to go together to the cafeteria but outside a boy was waiting for you, you rolled your eyes at him, but he smiled and took your arm. -Wait Y/N- You glared at the boy until he let go, it was Jonghun, a boy you used to date before Yoongi, he was determinate in getting back together with you no matter the effort you spent telling him it wasnt possible. -I wont lunch with you Jonghun, so please back off- -Why not? I just want to talk- You sighed, -Well, I dont- -Y/N- another voice joined the conversation, one you knew too well. You didnt know since when Yoongi had been around, but judging for his face it seemed to be just long enough to hear the conversation. -Come, lets go- Jonghun looked at Yoongi and then at you. -Wait, are you dating or something?- he asked with an skeptical look. You paled, wondering if there was something that gave you away, Yoongi on the other hand glared harder at the boy, now standing almost in front of you. -Not your business- But Jonghun only laughed, you didnt like how things were getting, so you started pushing Yoongi away, then Jonghun spoke again, hitting the nail. -Oh of course not, I remember Y/N told me her father married your mother, so you are what? Siblings now?- Yoongi gave you a disappointed look from the corner of his eyes, like saying he couldnt believe you had told him that, but he didnt understand, that had been a long time ago. There was a horrible awkward silence in which Yoongi and Jonghun just exchanged menacing gazes, so you decided to intervene, this wouldnt end well. -We will talk some other time Jognhun, lets go Yoongi- You didnt give time for either of them to say anything else, walking away to the cafeteria, but Yoongi didnt stay to lunch with you, he just walked you there and after he saw you had spotted your friends he went to sit with his own. You stared at his back but he didnt look back at you. Yoongi didnt want to admit it bothered him although it had been all over his face when Jonghun said the word siblings, it made him nauseous, why everybody was so fixated on making you brother and sister just because your parents had married? It didnt mean anything, his blood and yours was different, so why were you off limits for him now? He didnt talk to you for the day, not when classes ended and he saw you talking with Jonghun, not when you sat together for dinner and showed yourself cheerful in front of your father. Not even when you were getting upstairs and you stared at him when you reached the top. You had something in your eyes, it made him feel weak and alive at the same time, it was all a paradox with you. So he had approached you, like he was in automatic his face got close to yours. Both of you were already on pajamas, it wasnt the first time Yoongi saw you in those but it had the same effect on him, he wanted to hug you and to touch you, why he had to feel this way? His hand caressed your arm with enough pressure to make you shiver. You got closer, your parted lips longing for his; when he brushed them together both of you exhaled, the sound was just a prove of how much you yearned for each other. -Yoongi!- the voice of his mother startled you, making you jump from each other. -Could you come here please?!- she was calling from downstairs. You looked into his eyes, both your hearts beating rapidly, this was just another example of how this could end awfully wrong, for everybody. He shook his head. -Go to sleep Y/N- he said before giving you his back to go and see what his mother wanted. But Yoongi couldnt sleep that night, even if he had turned every device off and it was completely dark, he couldnt sleep, every time he closed his eyes he saw your expression of disdain, he saw his mothers disapproving eyes, he saw you hurting because of him. He moved around his bed until he had tossed the blankets away, It was futile, he wasnt going to get any sleep for the night. Groaning he sat up, he just wanted to do the right thing, wasnt that good? If he did things rightly then you wouldnt get hurt, or so he had thought because apparently no matter what he did you ended up crying or mad. It was tiring as it was despairing, why he had to fall in love with you? So hard, so irremediably. He knew he had to focus on other things now, his studies, his future, but right now his heart had made you its priority, You were angry at yourself for being such a cry baby, where was the strong woman you wanted to be? You hugged your pillow tightly, you felt so small and insecure, even if you knew you had Yoongis love your situation was so precarious you knew it could end anytime, it made your heart hurt just think about it. You closed your eyes and tried to sleep but it was to no avail, you saw his face, his eyes, it was intoxicating, so much you couldnt get yourself to end things with him for the sake of the family. Guilt invaded your body, what if your dad had walked on you almost kissing? That would be a disaster, it would break everyones heart, including your own. Maybe ending things with Yoongi was healthiest thing to do after all, you needed to do it. You felt your pillow a bit damp, you had started to cry. -Like a fool- you said cleaning your face. Thats when you saw the door being opened just enough for someone to slip inside and then shut it. Yoongi didnt turn on the lights, he just walked to your bed and sat down at the edge of it, he caressed your cheek silently but then his hand stopped, he leaned down and looked at you as his eyes adapted to the lack of light. -Why are you crying?- Your cheeks were still wet, so it was of any use to deny it. You gave him more space on the bed and Yoongi accommodated in it better, with his back against the wall but now you could hug his body, your head resting on his chest. -I dont know I feel… I was just thinking bad things- He was brushing your hair with his fingers, a soothing sensation that made you feel good-Why you didnt go to me?- he asked quietly, it wasnt a rare thing for you to sneak into each others rooms, but you didnt want to go to him just to cry. -To cry?- -Yes, why cry alone pabo? You have me Y/N- He stopped his movements and was now looking at you severely. -Lie down Yoongi- you demanded quietly, and he did, now you were sharing a pillow, your foreheads touching a little, his arms coiled around your body making you feel safe, loved. You kissed him, just a light movement of your lips. -I cant sleep here- he stated, it was obvious but each time one of you had to remind that to the other to not get carried away. -I know- you answered, he kissed you this time, his hands caressing your body as his lips moved on top of yours, yearning, wanting. -Oh Y/N…- -What?- you asked in a exhaled whisper, a bit out of breath after the kiss. -Nothing I… I just want you to know that… fuck Y/N, Im in love with you, I…- he was stammering slightly, you bit your lip to not go after his mouth again, you wanted to show him you loved him too, that you needed him close to you, but you listened to his words, whispered and severe -I dont care about anything, I wouldnt be able to let you go- You breathed in, your heart expanding with affection, with desperate, sincere and deep love. -I love you my Yoongi- and you kissed him again.


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