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Nabi decided to invite her project partners to hang out with her after work. This way they could talk about the designs more and who they wanted to target with each style. She took them to the boutique to meet her roommate and neighbor. It was nice to have people similar to you in a new place. They all wanted to go somewhere after Jess and Andrea closed up the boutique but they couldn’t think of where. Suddenly she remembered she had Hoseok’s number. “Why don’t we call Hoseok! I’m sure he knows of a good place we can go. We did kind of promise him he could show us around.” “We did didn’t we.” Andrea laughed. “Why not it might make his night to lead around a group of girls.” Nabi pulled out her phone finding his number and dialing it. It rang a few times before he picked up. “Nabi~!” She quickly pulled the phone away from her ear before putting it back. “Hey Hobi. We were wanting to go out but realized we still don’t know where any good spots are. I called to see if we could cash in our rain check tonight. It won’t just be Andrea and myself so I understand-“ “The more the merrier. I’ll bring the guys along too and we can all hang out together!” “Yea that sounds good.” He got quiet before saying the next part like he was not alone in the room. “Is your neighbor coming too?” She got equally as quiet though she did not know why. “Yea why do you ask?” “One of my friends has a thing for her but is too scared to talk to her because she is always so busy.” “Well he will have a chance now. Andrea is helping her at the boutique so she will have more time to do thing.” “Perfect we will be by to get you in about fifteen minutes. Wait where are you at?” He got loud again all of a sudden making her pull the phone away again. “We are at the boutique. They won’t be closing for another thirty minutes so take your time.” “Okay see you when we get there.” Just like that the phone went dead. He sounded overly excited to be hanging out. She wondered to herself who he was going to bring with him. She had seen most of them twice, one of them only once, and one not at all. “They will be here around the time you guys close. Is there anything I can help with to make sure we can close right at time.” “The clothes need to be straightened up and refolded. That is the most time consuming thing. Oh and find something to wear all of you. None of us can go out wearing our work clothes. I’ll give you a good discount on whatever you find so don’t worry about prices.” Jess was right, them going out in office attire was quite boring. Nabi looked down at the price tag of a random shirt and made an oh expression. Everything here was fairly reasonably priced. More than at a chain store but nowhere near as expensive as a designer store.