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Nabi finally finished folding the last table’s worth of clothes. Each of the girls took turns gathering an outfit and putting it on while the other straitened up and swept the store. Not many people came in so close to closing so it was easy. Nabi had found a cute pair of olive green shorts that went down mid-thigh, a lacy white blouse with a white tank top underneath, and a pair of brown sandals. The intern Cree decided on a pair of cute overall shorts, a black graphic tee with a picture of a slice of pizza and white words below it saying “is my Bae”, black tights, gray high tops, and a fedora. Her coworker Koko decided to wear a pair of pastel pink shorts with a white tee shirt, a soft floral kimono wrap, and white flats. Her best friend Andrea found a pair of black denim shorts, a white tee, a slightly over sized blue and white plaid shirt that she left unbuttoned, and short black boots with buckles on the side. Jess knew exactly what she wanted to wear but ended up being the last to get dressed. She put on a cute blue dress with a lace overlay that showed through around the shoulders and above the sweetheart neckline, a brown belt accentuated her waist and she had on a simple pare of flats that matched the belt. Shortly after everyone was dressed there was the sound of the bell from the front door. Nabi looked up from the stack of clothes to see Hoseok coming in the door with some of his friends following. She recognized Jimin right away, Mr. brain and the odd one were their too. Out from behind them was a new face for the group but she turned and ran back to the other girls when she saw him. Why was Yoongi in tow with Hobi. “No.” Was all she said to Koko before she realized why she had said it. “Oh hey Yoongi!” Koko was all smiles and waves when she recognized him. “It’s so strange seeing you outside of work.” “I’m only here because Hobi wouldn’t leave me alone. I can’t stay out long we do have work tomorrow.” Yoongi looked a little standoffish. “Oh great you already know each other that makes this easier. You remember Jimin, Taehyung, and Namjoon right.” The boys waved two of them smiling the third seeming in a bit of a fog. “Jung kook wanted to stay home so Jin stayed to keep him company.” “That’s fine now we have a guy for each girl.” Koko really had no filter did she. “It’s like a date!” There was instantly some tension coming from a few of the people present. “Yes totally like a group date.” Hobi and Koko were high-fiving each other like they just came up with the best idea in the world. “If you guys are ready to lock up we can head out on our adventure.” Jess nodded motioning for everyone to go outside as her and Andrea checked the back and the register before following everyone out and locking up the door. The boys helped pull down the paneled gates so Jess could lock them before putting the key in her purse. Nabi would come back for their clothes tonight so she could give them back to her coworkers tomorrow. “I’m sure you are all hungry so let’s start with food.”