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“Oh man that was some of the best pizza I’ve had in a long time.” Cree had her hands on her stomach as she walked. “Kat truly is an amazing cook. Though the only way to make her food any better is to have Jin cooking in the kitchen with her. When they are together they are unstoppable.” Hobi loved singing the praises of his friends. “Okay so… we can go walking around the park even though it’s late or we can go to a norebong.” “To many people, to crowded, I’m not singing.” Yoongi was dead set against it. “Will you let me do what I want if we go.” It was the first time Namjoon really spoke all night. “I like singing.” Tae pipped up. The girls all nodded their heads in agreement. Nabi knew she was not that good but she stilled enjoyed singing what she did know. With the vote eight and a half to one they decided they would go to the norebong. They all made their way to one of the deluxe rooms that was meant for larger parties. The halls were a little too small for all of them luckily no one else was out of their rooms. Inside the room was long with couches on either side of a low table in the center. The other side of the room had a huge screen on it with a machine in front of it. With everyone inside Hobi was the first to get to the mic he was busy searching for a song when an attendant opened the door. Namjoon went over to her talking for a little bit before handing her some cash and sitting back down. Tae and Koko were up next on the mic when the attendant came back with a few helpers. They set a few bottles of soju on the table between everyone. Hoseok immediately went over to Namjoon talking quietly under the music. He did not seem too pleased but Namjoon clearly did not care. Hoseok made a face at him rolling his eyes before moving to sit beside Andrea instantly all smiles again. Nabi liked where she was sitting in the room, she could clearly see everyone from here. She decided to take a picture so she could remember this later, pulling out her camera she flipped open the front so she could see the camera screen. “Where did you get that?” It was Yoongi who was sitting on the end of the couch thoroughly not wanting to be there. “I asked for it. Why you jealous?” She had emailed the company asking them if they could send her a FlipShock case for her phone so she could properly review the product for a better advertisement strategy. “I’m not jealous but do you really think you should have a prototype case on your phone? They aren’t your client, yet you’re just barging in acting like you’ve been handling them for the past three years.” “Oh now I see. You’re upset because they gave me your client. Clearly they trust me enough to give it to me. I know it’s a big group but phone cases are easy. I got this so stop worrying so much.” “I will worry because it’s my client. You mess it up and I’ll have them do more than just fire you. I’ll make sure you go crying back to America.” They were interrupted by Koko who grabbed Nabi to make her sing. What was his deal anyway?