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They had all been singing for a few hours and by now a second round of bottles had been finished off. Cree had not had a lot to drink but she could feel that she was warm from the liquor. They had decided to call it a night since Yoongi kept pestering Hoseok about needing to sleep for work. Yea right that man never slept, he just wanted to get home to catch up on the work he missed by being out. She stretched big once they were outside in the cool early summer night air. The room was slowly overheating with all the bodies, the machine, and then liquor on top of that. “I had so much fun guys. Thank you Nabi for inviting me.” She gave a little wobbly bow. “You going to be okay to walk home alone?” Nabi was super pink in the cheeks. If anyone should not be able to stand it would be her and Namjoon. Something had upset her and she was just pounding back the shots. Namjoon seemed like it was a natural thing for him to drink like that. “I’m fine Nabi. I only live a few blocks that way.” Cree pointed in the direction of home which seemed to be the opposite way most of them were going. “Well Namjoon lives that way too. Do you think you’re up for at least walking her home?” Hoseok was always to thoughtful. “Yea whatever. If it’s too far past where I live don’t expect me to walk you the whole way.” Namjoon’s hands were shoved into his pockets. “Even most of the way is more than enough. Thank you everyone. See you tomorrow Koko and Nabi.” She waved them off as she and Namjoon made their way in the other direction. It was very quiet most of the way but she really had no idea what to talk to him about. He had stopped in front of a convenient store and told her to wait outside. A few minutes later he came back out with a brown bag walking the way they were going like he had not bought anything. “Are you really going to drink that? You already had so much tonight. Don’t you want to get home in one piece?” “What does it matter to you kid? I can drink however much I want. If you have a problem just walk yourself home.” He opened the bottle inside the bag and stated taking big gulps of it. “You know if you drink too much you could damage your body. It’s bad for cognitive functions and memory-.” “Can’t you just shut up? Stop talking like that. Like you’re so damn smart using so many big words. You just make me want to drink more!” She bit her lip shocked completely by what he said. When they got to her building she quietly turned heading towards the door. It was when she was about to open the door that she realized he followed her. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You are kind of annoying with all that big talk though. Well you’re home so I can leave you now.” He turned heading back to the sidewalk. “You know if you want to talk instead of drink you know where I live now! Or maybe bring some over and we can drink together!”
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Oh man this is crazy why is he drinking so much???