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@emmajolie? Not Anymore...
Ok so I have an announcement and I have added all my tag lists to it put together plus a few writers that I remember! My user has changed! I'm now @animezkpopgirl ! I just wanted to let all of you know that, I'm still here but just with a different name! So if any of you had me on your tag lists as @emmajolie, plz change it! I still want to see all the awesome things that you amazing people post! So please! Thank you! Saranghae~!😘✌️
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@sarahdarwish 😊😘
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prettyoongii doesng exist on wattpad? do you kbow if they changed their user?
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oh I think I got it... it's kinkyoongi now lol
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@tayunnie lol ok
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