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I wanted to save this after Bakugan but since I've been lazy I'll boost it up some to up my spirits :D I'll go all out with this one so let's do this thing :3

The Plot:

The main antagonist Ren Suzugamori wants to take over the world with Vanguard using his special power known as Psyqualia however there is another who possess this power the main protagonist Aichi Sendou. Ren wanted to use Aichi's power and for some time did until Aichi came to his senses. Now team Quadrifoglio or Q4 for short hast to stop his team Asteroid from winning the national tournament to stop Ren's plan. However a warrior from the planet Vanguard is fought on Cray needs Aichi and Ren to battle so that a single clan can lead Cray's Army and save it from the force that wants to destroy it.

The Characters:

Cardfight does very well on its characters, giving them logical motivations clear as day character development and emotional depth that I don't see in a lot of starter series. However this would be a REEEEAAAAALLLY long card if I went into ALL of the characters so I'll keep it brief with the main three, so let's give them their own sections eh? :D

Aichi Sendou:

Aichi is the protagonist and one of the few with Psyqualia a power of unknown origin bestowed upon him to do great things, but it wasn't always saving the day with Aichi. Aichi was bullied a lot as a kid so a passerby gave him a card that he could picture himself as, so that he could get some confidence in himself. This was the powerful card known as Blaster Blade and with it Aichi eventually gained the courage to not only become the hero this anime needs but the one it definitively deserves :)

Toshiki Kai:

That passerby happens to be Toshiki Kai the bad ass of this anime. He has a rough childhood as well soon after giving Aichi the card his parents died in a car crash so he was forced to move away. He meets a new friend Ren Suzugamori who feels they would be a great team together. Ren and Kai have a falling out so Kai moves back home and becomes the DOMINANT Cardfighter being the best only second to...

Ren Suzugamori:

Ren Suzugamori a cardfighter who believes he stands above all others, he is not wrong as he is UNBEATABLE by any other. His Psyqualia makes it so he can see the outcome of the fight before it even happens. In his childhood he was a happy kid who just wanted to get better in vanguard forming a team with his friend Tetsu and later Kai. However his desire to be the best (and a certain someone) unlock his Psyqualia this coupled with a bitter fight with Kai fuels his anger and drive to win, being the best in the world at all cost is the only thing that matters to this Vanguard Leader.

The Animation:

Really good animation for a first entry on the series especially when it's based on a market that's not exactly dry on content. Fluid movement with no loss of detail or color, and unlike it's predecessor the action does not take over the anime making it unclear as to how the game proceeds. Being that the color can be dulled in the Cardfights themselves because of the gray, the Vanguard card's and their fighters are detailed colored and animated beautifully. Which to watch in English dubbed/subbed? Honestly it's a coin toss. The English voice cast does a solid job and you feel that they are connected to the character in which they portray and they do them justice, while the Japanese voice acting is also solid giving intense moments that good heart string pull with the low voice or loud yell to really sell the emotion. The full English season is on YouTube officially, unfortunately the intros take a hit with 1 intro only for the English dub and 2 for the Japanese dub but I definitely recommend you go check out the English dub at least to compare and contrast :) Also for animations I'll start adding Intros and Outros from the season in particular enjoy :D

Character Development:

Character development has been done perfectly here, whether main or side character these characters go through solid development as the season goes on. Aichi deals with his Psyqualia and need yes NEED to be as good as or better than Kai, Kai struggles with his past with Ren, Kamui Katsuragi struggles with how he should support his friends and should be there for them when they need him, and Misaki Tokura deals with her dead parents and the memory they left her. Each character adapts and grows throughout in a progressive manner that doesn't feel forced or rushed so solid work there.

Merchandise Element:

As any good product anime should it's product actually takes a back seat as it's story and characters are fleshed out and presented to us in a many that makes you enjoy the card game as much as anything else you might love about this series.

Asnwer Question:

Cardfight Vanguard is without a doubt an anime through and through. All parties responsible should be proud that they created a masterpiece such as this, I hold other product anime by these standards set by Cardfight. With a clear plotline correct character development (especially when dealing with a character who doesn't know anything about said product e.g. Aichi epsidode 1) and depth and personality to nearly all of the characters. Yes it has pacing issues with some epispdes lasting to long and other being completely unnecessary however this does not draw from the total depth of Cardfight only really adding to it, so that other characters can get attention.
Sorry again for not posting in a long time been really tired watching all these season finale's but I should get back to uploading on Sundays regularly again. Thanks for taking the time to read my card I appreciate it and you :3 take care!