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Remember those awesome Pokeball roses we found a few weeks ago?

Well, time to take it to the next level.

It seems like more than one lucky couple has used a Pokeball to propose!

I'm not really one for dramatic proposals or anything, but this is too cute.

I feel like its just corny enough to be SUPER adorable.

So, is this adorable or way too cheesy? Do you have a quirky idea for proposing?

Not to be offensive, in this situation our opinion doesn't matter. It's a natural movement of how woman/men wants to propose. That been said, when woman/men propose in how they want to attract her/his partner of saying "yes". Like, if she loves Pokemon than he wants to persuade her way of saying "yes". That's is all I got. Sorry if this didn't make sense.
@LilianaZeferino thoughts? @ShinigamiSan thoughts?
Its cute.... I would like it of listen here the tips to ya all guys... This might actually work... Lol... If the girl's like me a poké fan...!
I think its cute and very creative!!😆😆
THIS IS ADORABLE!! I would love to be proposed to like this 😂😻
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