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I Need YOUR Help with Waifu Wednesdays!
Hey guys!
As most of you know, I've been running Waifu Wednesday for a lonnnnng time :D I really love seeing what everyone thinks and who their favorite waifus are, but you've probably noticed that I've been online less than usual lately :( This is because I've been too busy!

So, I need your help!!!

Pitch your ideas for Waifu Wednesday themes in the comments!

It can be a theme we've already done (like Battle Waifu) or it can be something totally new and original! I want your help!!! This way we can plan out the next few weeks together & have an even more AWESOME Wednesday <3

Thanks everyone!!

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humonoid, badass, specific hair style, thirsty, gender swapped.
a year ago·Reply
Siblings, ones that have died, videos games, , themed by genre, time periods(future, past, present), non-mainstream animes(ones you think others haven't heard of beforw.)
a year ago·Reply
hmmm manly waifus and feminine husbandos?
a year ago·Reply
@hikaymm Real Life Waifus: Seiyuus
a year ago·Reply
koko from golden time
a year ago·Reply