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Flat head is actually a common trait. Both men and woman struggle with this condition. It's more noticeable on men because their head is mostly shaved. For woman, you will notice if your head is round or flat by pull your hair up in a ponytail.
I'm writing this card today because a friend was asking about hairstyles that will flattering his flat head shape. Take a look at the photo collage below.

Quiff shaved side hairstyle is one of the best styling option to diminish the appearance of flat head.

When the hairstyles is equally weighted you will notice the head is flat. For instance, crew cut will certainly highlight the missing flatness on the back. That is one reason you want to have more weight on the top, so the eyes will naturally focus there.
Take a look at the guide below for detail explanation.

Now that you know what kind of hairstyles you should look for in your next haircuts check out these styles.