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I've mentioned a few times when sharing things I purchase that I buy a lot of my makeup from makeup exchange boards.
Basically, this means I buy from people who either swatched an item & ended up not using it, or stopped using an item & then decided to sell it. One of my friends asked me: is it really safe to buy used makeup?
Answer: yes, but only sometimes!

Overall rules!

- Make sure that all products that CAN be sanitized with alcohol are sanitized by the seller, or sanitize it yourself! Here's a really helpful video on how to do so.
- Just be alert and attentive to the state of the makeup when you get it. If it's separated or has a distinctly funky smell, that's definitely an indication that it's gone bad.

Eyeliners: depends on the type!

If a sharpenable pencil liner or soft liner...
- sharpen away ALL used parts of the product & sanitize if it is used
- if it was just used for a swatch only, just sanitize
If a gel liner...
- preferably, just buy unopened or new!
- if buying swatched, make sure they used a clean brush & sanitized after!
If liquid or felt tipped...
- preferably, just buy unopened or new!
- if buying swatched or used, make sure to clean the brush THOROUGHLY.
- felt tips can't really be cleaned, so try to avoid buying those used!
Eye makeups are KNOWN for being the easiest to carry bacteria that can cause things like pink eye, so be careful to buy products used very little or never when buying off of exchange boards unless you're a bit braver than I am!
I have bought many eyeliners from exchange boards, but they've all be swatch only or BNIB (brand new in box!) You just have to be smart about it!

Mascaras: iffy!

- buy new or sealed products only!
- only buy opened IF the person can promise you that they used a disposable spoolie when swatching
- if you still want to buy opened, find a way to throw away the included spoolie & replace it with one!

Lip products: maybe!

Just be careful, sanitize well and use common sense. They don't carry bacteria as well as mascara or eyeliners.
You think that when you go to a makeup artist they use brand new makeup and brushes on every person? Of course not, but they do clean everything between uses. If you think the product has been used a lot and cannot be cleaned, don't buy it used.
That being said, I'd avoid buying the following used:
- lip glosses
- any lip product that uses an applicator that sits IN the product itself

Powders & powder eyeshadows & shadow palettes: yes!

Here's the lowdown:
"Powder-based products, both loose and pressed -- think blushes, eyeshadows, compacts and finishing powders -- are low risk in the grand scheme of things because they're dry, which makes it hard for bacteria to multiply and spread (FYI, they prefer warm, moist environments). Plus, these products are usually applied to the cheeks and forehead, not infection-prone spots like the eyes and mouth. "
Still, make sure to disinfect the top of them, oils will transfer via brushes to the powders when using them! If you're really worried, scrape off the top layer!


Easily cleaned, so yes yes yes!

So, what would you be willing to swap?

interesting...never heard of doing this...guess it depends on the products. I usually keep everything I buy until I find another use for it or until it goes bad lol
brushes definitely
@beachbabebrig I'm definitely like that with my products! I don't sell on exchange for, just buy and then hoard hahahahba
Thanks for the info @hikaymm
@EasternShell the one I use is on reddit! it's just called r/makeupexchange. You have to be a regular user to use it but it's sooooo convenient to buy & sell there!!
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