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Why is it that when a man performs a wild, extravagant, borderline-stalker gesture, and he's SO ROMANTIC.
A woman attempts to sweep a man off of his feet, and we're called crazy. Or clingy. Or obsessive.

Why is it more socially acceptable for a man to overly express his emotional side but women need to play it cool when it comes to romance?

Writes you letters everyday.

Think of the Notebook. We're told to think that's super romantic of the guy, but if a girl did it she'd be seen as obsessed!!

Throws rocks at your window.

I used to fantasize about that when I was younger, hoping my crush would ride his bike over and say he loves me from the street below. But think about a girl doing that...she's probably stalking you.

Shows up outside your classroom door to walk you to your next class.

A guy standing outside your office or classroom door is sweet, touching, cute, but a girl might be a little obsessed with you, right?

Trying to change your mind about dating them.

Girls chasing after their crush telling them 'I'll treat your right!,' ' Just give me one shot,' or anything Heath Ledger said in 10 Things I Hate About You just sounds goofy to think about!

Do anything annoyingly musical.

Put on a performance in front of the whole school, hold up a boom box outside of your window, whatever it is, guys can do it and girls should sort of...not...

Use pick up lines.

Guys may get a huge eye roll for using them, but have you ever heard a girl throw out a pick up line at someone at the bar? Probably not.

Ladies: Do you ever feel like you can't make any big romantic gestures? What's a romantic thing you've done?

Ladies and Gentlemen: Would you be turned on or off by a girl doing a bigger romantic gesture that's usually just considered a guy thing?

Personally, I'm all for everyone showing love in as many ways as they can! I'm not super into big romantic things for me personally, but I say guys and gals should be able to do whatever they want!
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Perhaps it has something to do with the stereotype that men are supposed to take the lead. After all, it is typically true. Personally, I wouldn't mind having a woman who was a little more in charge, but I think that it's considered weird nonetheless. People set standards more than they should.
I'm a hopeless romantic, you show me big gestures, I'll show them right back. It's usually based on if you are attracted to the person or not
Lol not today. whenever men get close to women they're automatically deemed rapists
I'm not one for romance in the first place... I've been single for twenty one years. I've got no clue about any of it.
🍸⬅(supposedly it only works if given some sort of fuel...) *SHRUG* Who knew?