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the bob is makin a come back! what do you thinkkkk? do you all like ittt or should she loose itt
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she's sooo beautiful she looks like she belongs in film noir or something
@shoenami @miranpark88 @leecatlee i remember she was chosen as one of the most beautiful womennnnn
@miranpark88 @leecatlee @kristenadams her beauty is classic.. and the type you're never get tired of looking at!
kristenadams @shoenami trueeee!!! i remember reading somewhere that Camilla belle should be the standard of beautyyy and how these days people try to look the same! i dont know where i found ittt
@miranpark88 wow.. Standard of Beauty? now that's huge!.. but yes.. she has the right to be.. I feel like she's gonna be pretty no matter what she wears, with or without makeup.. man! she's beautiful even when dirty! What's that movie (remember 10,000BC?)..XD