You know those people that have a Bubbly, Cool, or Kind personality??? You probably do. You always see them happy...pumped up.. Always with someone right? BUT NEVER think anything wrong with their life...your wrong they aren't like that inside... INSIDE their probably
Alone?! They look like they have lots of friend,but they don't have much....actually their just surrounded with people not much friends...They say oh their my friend...but their not sure if they are really.
Wondering if love is real at times? They look happy about life,but their alone...sometime finding love along the way..but it not someone they will know it would last..... They sometimes wish to lean on someone and cry complain of their worries too...and not be the one lean on always...
BUT they don't want to be alone...their scared to be left alone so they put an act a mask that changes with people there with a lot of times,but there are times when some know who the person really is like and help...or ignore it...
Not all happy people are pretending
I AGREE soo much with all this deep <3