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Yup, single and neutral about it. Sure, it'd be nice to have a boyfriend, but I'm okay; at least I don't think I'm in denial or anything, speaking objectively. The parents have started passive aggressively complaining about it; I think they want grandkids...
@ShadowHudson2 lol, yeah, I'm 22, so I'm getting there too!
@otakudemon10 oh ok lol. I'm 26. so I'm at the age where all my school friends already have kids and stuff. so I see where you are coming from. if only we knew each other then it would be like bam problem solved with anime lol. but seriously I wish you the best of luck. don't rush anything. it will all come together in the end. If it has not come together, well that just means it is not the end yet. hang in there ( insert picture of cute anime cat hanging it's paws from a precarious place )
@ShadowHudson2 Well, you know, I'm at that age where all their friends are asking, and my parents have to say no, none of them are dating (I'm the middle of 5)😒
Haha. I know how you feel. my mom keeps telling me to get a girl and have kids so she can give them candy and take care of them.