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@cheerfulcallie hard to explain but guys who work on cars would like seeing a car that is being worked on :P
Umm, okayyyy sooo let me ask a question, why did you post a pic of a beat up car? Lolz.... Ohhh lady in red is very pretty, I love her rims but she's hoodless...tsk tsk tsk...hmm, I guess some guys dig that kind of girl....
@cheerfulcallie it looks like it is missing a hood, turn signals, a lot of engine parts, body work and paint. :P however, while we are on the topic of cars without hoods. check out this one lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1W4HL3YV_c
Work in progress, so it's waiting for a hood? Hmm, would feel soo strange and insecure driving a hoodless car b/c every time I stop I would look over and think someone stole my hood, lolz...
@cheerfulcallie yes it must be a guy thing but it's only a work in progress it's not finished yet :)
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