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Hello!! Aneyong!! Hola!!

Stefany here Id like to welcome everyone to another search for fellow KpopINT members!! That's right you guys. We've decided to expand our family just a little more this time around and we're looking for people like YOU!! Do you keep up with the latest music? Do you get excited about every single comeback? Is your music taste include several and varying genres and artist? If so this position is perfect for you! We're looking for hardworking and dedicated individuals for the following two positions: > Music Finder (Description: individual will need to keep up on the latest music and find new, old, and fun music for our listeners that include varying genres) > Music Organizer (Description: now this is the brains of it all! Individual will work with other co-workers to create, schedule, and arrange songs playlists to be put on the radio for everyone to listen to!) You'll be working alongside some of the nicest, down to earth and funniest people in the business!
Interested?????? Here's the application! (Shoutout to @MichelleIbarra for being the original mastermind behind thisđź’•)

Basic Info.

- Name: - Vingle name - Age - Time Zone - Where do you live? - Favorite band(s)/artist(s) - What are you favorite song(s)? - What are your hobbies? - What do you do on vingle? (Post cards about what / how frequently? - Do you work/ go to school? - During this time will you be able to post? - What extracurriculars are you involved in? - What is your Kakao account name ?

Position Inquiry

- What position are you applying for and why? - Why should we choose you? - Do you have access to a computer?/ Will you be able to use it often? - Can you list some songs with their artist that you find unique or you feel others would like? - Do you have any experience to the position you're applying for? - Will you be able to publish cards aside from doing the work assigned to you? - How often do you think you can post cards? - Describe your work ethic (Ex. I can juggle multiple tasks at once, I'm self motivated, etc.) - Have you liked our Facebook page? Followed our Instagram, Twitter, and/or Tumblr? - Do you have any special characteristics that you would like to share with us? - Anything you would like to say to the head chairs?
That's right D.O!! That's it! Copy and paste these questions along with your answers into a word document, or email!! Please submit applications to: -

applications are due by the 12th of June>>>>