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Alright....I don't wanna be completely obvious as to why I even decided to watch this right away but........



DΞΔN's rudeness calls to me.

I actually love the song. Great summer jam. The MV was kinda low budget....but the visuals are outta control. I dunno what DΞΔN thinks he's doing behind the wheel.....We all know the fool can't drive LOL (´ヮ`)
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I loved hieze in unpretty rapstar! this song is definitely going in my summer playlist❤
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I love both of them
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my loves together! I need to watch this as soon as I escape hell.......work I mean work😂😂😂😂
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this is fire!!😍
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bless you, i saw this shared on fb but COMPLETELY FORGOT TO WATCH and now i is in heaven
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