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Also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex, trash from all over the Pacific Ocean are "stuck" here because of the ocean currents. The exact size is unknown because 1. most of the trash is floating just below the surface so it can't be seen from the air 2. plastic breaks down into really small particles, making it hard to see even from ships. But we know that it is MASSIVE, and some say it's even as large as the entire US. Why isn't anyone cleaning this up?? Apparently, this thing is so big that they need to conduct research to even figure out how to do it. I suppose there is also the problem of figuring out a place to put all that trash. But the real reason probably is that it's in the middle of the ocean that doesn't belong to any country, so no one wants to spend large sums of money. This is a display of the worst side of man kind.
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but actually i'm sure this is terrible for marine life...
@curtisb I would imagine so lol
I hope that someone will be kind enough to clean all the gunk out... But then the thing is... where will that gunk go to???
@relinashinee good question, space elevator? Or burn it but that would just produce more pollution
@minjaeturtles are there really no efforts by any organization to get this cleaned up?