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Heize and Dean Gets Their Groove On In New MV!
Whats up guys, John here. So Heize is back with another song, this time with famous solo artist Dean. This is actually a precomeback track "Shut Up & Groove". Dean is a producer for her upcoming album and he also composed this song along with 2xxx! The song is really groovy and its nice to hear Heieze vocals. Article here
Heize Profile: Birthname: Jang Dahyo Birth Date: August 9, 1991 Solo Artist From Masan Above are some videos shejas been featured in. 1. Heize feat. BEAST Yong Junhyung "Don't Come Back" 2. Heize and Chen "Lil Something" 3. Heize feat. Chanyeol "Don't Make Money" Credit here
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